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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
MFLS Fantasy League Rules: Point Scoring System

Statistic Points Awarded Explanation
Goal Scored by Player +4  
Penalty Kick Scored by Player +2  
Assist by Player +3  
Own Goal by Player -2  
+Plus+ Goal Scored by Own Team +1 while player is in the game
-Minus- Goal Scored Against the Player's Team -1 while player is in the game
Yellow Card -1  
Red Card/2nd Yellow -2 In addition to first yellow.*
GK Keeps Clean Sheet For a Single Half +1 per Half
GK Keeps Clean Sheet For a Full Game +3 In addition to +2 for the two clean halves.
GK Saves +1 For each 4 saves in a game, 7 saves earns 1 point, while 8 saves earns 2 points.
Defender's Team Holds Opponent Scoreless For a Half +1 per Half
Forward's or Midfielder's Team is Shutout For a Full Game -1  
Coach's team wins +3  
Coach's team ties +1  

* Note: Head coaches will be penalized for red cards. The head coaches will still get credit for their team's wins and ties during their suspensions. If an assistant coach gets a Red card, MFLS does not count that Red card in the point scoring system.