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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
MFLS Fantasy League Rules: MFLS Divisions

Each MFLS team will belong to a division of 20 to 25 teams to simulate a smaller scale league competition.

After creating a team through the signup form, team managers will have the 2 following options:

  • Creating a new division using the 'Create Division' form from your team page (see the following section on creating divisions), or
  • Choose a division using the 'Update Team Info' form from your team page, or
  • You will have 3 MFLS weeks to choose or change your division choice, after that you will be locked into that division.

    Creating a Division

    Once you create your MFLS team, you may create a division. When you create a division, you are the commissioner and you are automatically assigned to this division as the first team in it.

    As a Division Commissioner you have a couple of options to consider:

  • Private Divisions: you have the option to make your a private division so that you can control who can join the division. You must choose a password and it is your responsibility.
  • Public Divisions: This is the default. No password is required for a person to join a public division. The first 25 teams to sign up are entered in the division and it is closed.
  • Publish Email: you have the option to include your email address on the division page, this will allow players to contact you for passwords (for private divisions) or to contact you so that you may set up a private email list for your division (note: MFLS assumes no liability for external discussion lists, we reserve the right to remove division commissioners if we get complaints about their behavior over email with other players).
  • Division Description: include a short sentence to describe your division (e.g., Clash Fans, or Joe Smith High School Soccer Team, etc.) so others may decide if your division is one they want to join or not.
  • MFLS recommends that before creating a division, you first arrange with any people who you want to be in your division so that they are aware of which division to sign up for.

    Division Sizes

    If a division has less than 20 teams signed up after three MFLS weeks, it will be merged with another division or MFLS will fill it with other teams at random. This includes both private and public divisions. On special request we will allow for larger divisions.