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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Sun 2/22 16:03 ET]
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from Plattsburgh United
on Sat 3/7 10:36 ET
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Another question, Pineda from SEA midfielder, really
productive takes most if not all free kicks and has a zero
fee.?? I thought he was really good last year.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Sat 3/7 19:48 ET
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0 goals, 2PKs and 7 As last year. Who would you
pass over to make room for Pineda:
Point being, he may be a better player in fact than
in fantasy.
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 3/10 9:58 ET
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Cameron Porter (70, 0)replaced the injured Justin
Mapp vs. DC last week and he's looked pretty good.
Aguilar looked good as a sub for DC, 13 minutes.
from Port City Navigators
on Mon 3/16 10:29 ET
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Sam Adekugbe got the start for Vancouver this week. He's 53 4.
But he's listed as a foreigner from England. He's Canadian
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/16 10:44 ET
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Per Wikipedia he is Canadian and has played for the
Canadian national team. He was born in England, his
parents are English, and grandparents from Nigeria.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/16 10:50 ET
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I emailed Mark about this. Hopefully he'll be
changed to a domestic player.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/16 14:04 ET
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I was particularly busy these past two months, so slept a bit on
building my team. First season ever in which I didn't do any
research along the pre-season, and by the start of week one I
basically still had the random selection of players that I had
collected for registration. Thus I had a horrible fee total and a ton
of garbage players that I had to transfer, looking for decent ones
with no or very low fees. To be honest, I was kind of surprised at
how easy it was. I got guys like Blas Pérez at very low fees, some
really cheap starting defenders at zero fees, etc. I made two more
transfers this week and was still able to get Maidana or Aresteguieta
for almost nothing (I was expecting both of them to have gone up
based on Aresteguieta's goals and the relatively easy schedule for

I wonder if Mark has changed somehow the fee calculation this
season, or maybe it is just that, as I did not have to do this other
seasons I had not realized that things could work this way. Any
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/16 14:24 ET
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I feel a compelling need to draft an initial roster
primarily of popular players exactly for fee
reasons. Absent such pressure, I might have been
much more receptive to the idea of selecting someone
like Blas on Day One. To the extent other managers
are the same way, your experience is understandable.

But my leading thought is that hitching your
fortunes with PHI makes my life easier.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/16 14:34 ET
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Norm, who is really impartial about the issue, says that I cannot go
wrong having a ton of Philly players in my roster, and I always listen
to him.

The thing about this year's experience is that I am starting to
understand a bit better the people who always make a ton of
transfers the first few weeks. I see now how, if you do it right, it
may really pay off. This said, I am pretty positive I am not doing it
right. But, hey, I always screw up with the traditional strategy too,
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/16 14:39 ET
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PS: plus, do not get cocky, David. It is already a whole two weeks
into the season and you still just have 50% more points and
transfers left than me. I do not see your roster selection working
much better than mine...
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/16 16:32 ET
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a Shaolin monk does not get cocky, or so I've heard
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/16 19:00 ET
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You're right Luis, if I could have half my roster philly players I
probably would since I think this will be a year that they will get
back to the playoffs with the missing piece of the puzzle,
Aristeguieta. He showed his skill over weekend and he could
wind up in the list of top forwards this year. Now you've made
me wonder about getting Maidana also but I need to watch the
transfers so I'll probably hold off for now but he's definitely on
the radar. Can't wait for the game this Friday, PPL will be
rockin and should be a great match.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/16 19:34 ET
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They were very critical of Mboli on the TV
broadcast. They said he's a good shot stopper but
basically doesn't command the box well- too timid
coming out. Can't argue with results, though.

Curtin said Philly doesn't get any respect. Perhaps
he's right.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Mon 3/16 20:38 ET
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Luis, after looking at your team, I have decided not to do any research next preseason. You get no sympathy. Your team is deep and well balanced. I can't feel bad for any team that has Keane on their bench.
However, I will feel just a little bad if I have to eliminate you from any of the competitions. : )
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/16 20:42 ET
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Fred, if you look at their midfield, one by one I think they have one
of the more balanced ones in the league. They have the final pass,
the pressure up top, terrific wingers and a guy in Adu who can
make the stops and also bring the ball forward. One of the things
that did not click last season was the lack of a killer forward to take
advantage of that midfield. So I think that it Aristeguieta came to be
the real deal it could be one of those single changes that can
completely change a team. The question right now is their defense,
but on paper it looks pretty good and they may just need the
normal adaptation period.

I do not want to encourage Norm too much (mostly because he is
from the wrong side of PA; plus he is likely already too excited at
Tim Tebow trying for the Eagles), but I have high hopes for Philly
this season.

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