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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 6/22 10:45 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Lowbrow Wanderers SC
on Sun 6/28 23:31 ET
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If Colombia is still managed by Jose Pekerman, he's flat out stated that he will not consider anyone in MLS for selection.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 6/29 7:11 ET
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I reviewed all the box scores:

Orlando - Colorado
The Orlando lineup and it's substitutions are missing.

Philadelphia - Montreal
Missing Montreal Patrice Bernier second yellow (red) in 67th minute
Missing Philadelphia Eric Ayuk Mbu second yellow (red) in 77th minute

Salt Lake - Columbus
Missing Salt Lake Tony Beltran yellow card 45+2 min.

NYC - Red Bulls
Missing NYC linupt and it's substitutions

Seattle - Portland
Seattle substitution in 60th min was Andy Craven in for Chad Barrett

I'll submit these now.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 6/29 8:12 ET
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34/30 week, I'll take it. Can't wait for tomorrow's USOC match,
PPL will be a cauldron of fury and DC will be entering the
thunderdome of doom.

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