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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Thu 8/20 6:30 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Mon 8/24 21:50 ET
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Ok, ok, it's true, I really do think this would be interesting, like a Confederations Cup of sorts. Thanks, Luis, and everyone else, for the suggestions. You bring up some good points.

I think rather than team versus team, head to head, a division game should be played by aggregating the scores two teams, but I could see going with three. I like having two (or three) teams 'carry the flag' for the division that week. But I agree with above in that submitting picks that week isn't the best way.

We could start with a divisional schedule, which divisions play each other in each week. Then, borrowing on the thread above, randomly generate sets of two or three numbers that represent the teams for that week by ordinal in that division's standings. We can require that a division has at least ten teams (of which there are fifteen) to be eligible. Each week, each division would put up their teams in those rankings, one through ten.

For example, week one may look like:
DoGS vs. AAPL, teams 2-5-10
BCFA vs. UvW 3-7-9
La Armada vs. Bobo Liga 2-5-7
and so on.


The next thing would be time. I can do two tournaments at a time, which means the BCFA League Cup plus the Mug, and later plus the Masters. (Our League Cup pretty much runs all year.) Adding a third may be a stretch. If I could automate it like I do the others it may work. I'd like to see it happen.
from Seattle SC
on Tue 8/25 3:05 ET
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I like this idea more, 3 teams total scores v. 3 teams total scores. Makes it closer to division v. division as opposed to one team v. one team (which we have more than enough cups for that) ...

The rest of the details can be left up to others (especially division managers), as long as the structure is more division v. division then it makes sense, to me.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 8/25 7:50 ET
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If any division managers are interested in a trial run of a few weeks as we near the end of the 2015 season, please send me a note or post here and I'll try to put something together. We can work out the kinks. Think of it like the 1991 Women's World Cup.

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