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    [thread started by SDFC Macross on Wed 2/25 18:04 ET]
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from The Busdrivers
on Mon 10/26 10:07 ET
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Anything I can do to help mate! Heh

Congrats Mohawks! Truly a great season
from Mohawks
on Mon 10/26 10:45 ET
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Thanks! A season that will be hard for me to replicate that's for
from Stormin Union
on Mon 10/26 12:55 ET
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Congrats Mohawks, UvW takes the title!
from SDFC Macross
on Fri 11/6 16:24 ET
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I finally got the Second World updated with the numbers for PF/PA/PD. After having the most difficult schedule last year, Fox River got the easiest schedule this year. Baltimore Kickers got fortunate with the second easiest schedule and produced the second most points, but I guess the matchups weren't as favorable for him as for Rifintora Tora Tora and Houston Oranje. I would conjecture that Baltimore Kickers FC must have had sizable wins and narrower losses than the top two finishing teams. On the other end, GameCocks had lowest point production and opponents with most production but still managed to finish mid-table.

I cleaned up the formatting on the Second World schedule as well. I don't know html very well and couldn't find an easy fix, and so I just spent several hours retyping the information. Next on agenda is PF/PA/PD for the First World.
from Stormin Union
on Sat 11/7 7:45 ET
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Thanks again for running the division Kerry and has been fun
being in UvW for the past six years. I'll miss the international
cup and the HtH match ups every week in a division that
fortunately was jerk-free compared to some other divisions.
Overall it was definitely worth it and glad I played mfls, my
second place international cup is one my fantasy sports
highlights and thanks again to you and the UvW managers.
Thanks guys, it was a fun ride and best wishes to all of you.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 11/11 16:55 ET
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I got the First World updated with PF/PA/PD. I thankfully got it right the first time and did not spend time staring at numbers like I did when I updated the Second World.

Not only did Mohawks put up a huge number of MFLS points in the league competition (more than 100 points more than anyone else), he also had the easiest schedule. Some of that has to do with not having to play himself. NCL had the most luck in scheduling. He had the fewest points of any non relegated team and the second easiest schedule. I had the second most difficult schedule, and giggitty had the most difficult schedule, which explains why we were nearer to the bottom of the standings. The other teams also rose up to challenge Skillz, which was why he finished in the middle despite having the second most points. The Busdrivers and EHS Wildcats were the lowest producing teams and thus can't argue that bad luck resulted in their relegation.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 11/11 16:58 ET
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Oh, and thanks for the thanks, Norm. It takes substantial effort to put together side competitions, and it's nice to be appreciated.

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