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Forums : USA vs World Thread : UvW Country Designation
    [thread started by SDFC Macross on Sat 2/21 13:33 ET]
    [moderated by SDFC Macross]
from SDFC Macross
on Sat 2/21 13:33 ET
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This is the thread for the designation of UvW nationality. If you are new to the division or wish to change designation, this is the place.

Default is USA for those with no designation.

Macross is changing designation to Texas and will compete with the USA teams this season. So I'm
trading having to beat Mohawks and giggitty for Hotspur and Skillz to make the finals.
from Stormin Union
on Sat 2/21 15:34 ET
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Stormin Union sticking with Cuba, vamos! Looking to get back
to the finals again after a tough second round exit last year.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 3/11 18:03 ET
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I've worked to update the International Cup. It appears we will have nine USA and nine World designated teams this year - barring a switch or a last minute addition.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 3/11 20:31 ET
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Very cool, looking forward to this