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  Forum for discussion among members of the USA vs World.
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UvW League play [Last Page]
  [started by SDFC Macross on Wed 2/25 18:04 ET]
82 from SDFC Macross
on Wed 11/11 16:58 ET
Congrats to Mohawks
  [started by Hotspur on Wed 10/28 10:34 ET]
5 from Mohawks
on Sat 11/7 1:00 ET
UvW International Cup [Last Page]
  [started by SDFC Macross on Wed 4/15 17:44 ET]
27 from Stormin Union
on Sat 7/4 13:53 ET
UvW Country Designation
  [started by SDFC Macross on Sat 2/21 13:33 ET]
4 from Stormin Union
on Wed 3/11 20:31 ET