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    [thread started by Port City Navigators on Mon 3/16 10:20 ET]
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from Columbia Casuals
on Mon 10/26 8:06 ET
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Exciting evening yesterday. Montreal/Toronto was the match of the day for me. Not sure what happened to DCU. Hope they get it together or it'll be a short post-season.

Thanks again for running the division, Gavin.

Congrats to Seb and Ben for representing DoGS in the Top 25.

from Port City Navigators
on Wed 10/28 15:58 ET
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Congratulations to Real New Britski for winning the Shield for the first
time since 2005. It was a hard fought effort.

Kudos to FC Byrd Turgler for a great season that fell heartbreakingly
short of another title, but they did bring home the Challenge Cup.

Warwick United pulled in another solid season, finishing 3rd and
bringing home the League 1 Cup as well as winning the inaugural
DoGS Champions Cup.

Comeback team of the year goes to Columbia Causals for charging
up the table at the end of the season, finishing 4th and qualifying for
the DoGS Champions Cup next year. Well done sir.

Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you all again next

Enjoy the playoffs!

Go DCU!!!

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