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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Sun 8/30 23:16 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Thu 9/3 16:25 ET
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Burned two more transfers. Only three left. Boo.
from Weirder Bremen
on Fri 9/4 9:08 ET
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My transfers up to this week:
MFLS Week Player In [Fee] Player Out
1 Barnes [56] Davis [100]
2 Villarreal [88] Marshall [98]
2 Shuttleworth [59] Penedo [55]
3 Rivero [66] Nguyen [100]
4 Hernandez [91] Toia [71]
4 Nguyen [100] Barnes [53]
4 Adekugbe [10] Dwyer [100]
5 Martins [100] Rogers [66]
5 Sam [54] Wenger [30]
6 Barnes [22] Opara [90]
6 Duvall [17] White [15]
7 Sarkodie [55] Díaz [68]
8 Giovinco [100] Morales [100]
8 Jamieson [0] Zardes [100]
9 Díaz [80] Barnes [7]
10 Kitchen [100] Altidore [100]
11 Kamara [100] Adekugbe [26]
11 Remick [24] Sarkodie [39]
13 Hamid [100] Shuttleworth [68]
15 Keane [100] Martins [100]
15 Nemeth [39] Nguyen [100]
16 Feilhaber [100] Dempsey [100]
17 Ellis [13] Duvall [36]
18 Villa [94] Nemeth [57]
19 Melia [62] Jamieson [0]
20 Lletget [61] Villarreal [61]
21 Miazga [41] Morales [91]
22 Kljestan [62] Sam [100]
23 Wright-Phillips [100] Rivero [100]
25 Delgado [5] Kitchen [100]
from Weirder Bremen
on Fri 9/4 14:08 ET
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The Rotowire MLS Fantasy Podcast is usually pretty
good. Here is my take from this week:

1. Shuttleworth probably has the best likelihood
of a shutout this week. Kaka, Laren, and I believe
Rivero are out for Orlando.
2. 3 of 4 starting defenders from Mtl are out-
Ciman, Oyongo, and Miller IIRC.
3. Chicago might score some goals. Igboaneke and
Nyarko are in good form.
4. Nguyen is in good form and is probably the top
pick in Rotowire for this week. This often
transfers to mfls.
5. SJ might be due for a trap game. Lots of
players missing.
6. They have a good missing players report:
from Stormin Union
on Fri 9/4 20:20 ET
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Just watched Temple upset ranked Penn State and Chris
Albright in attendance, Owls are a possible cinderella team to
make the NCAA tournament this year if they keep the
momentum going. College soccer is back and gotta love it.
from Stormin Union
on Fri 9/4 21:25 ET
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Another big upset, Maryland just upset #1 ranked UCLA.
Mohawks must be happy about that one. Temple vs Maryland
in the 2015 College Cup, you heard it here first folks. (c'mon, a
guy can dream)
from The Laws of Lalas
on Fri 9/4 23:30 ET
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Bush is up to 50. maybe giggitty is like Jim Cramer. he mentions something and creates a bull market for it overnight. the surge doesn't matter to me though. sure, i have Bush on my roster. i also have 250+ slush. but, alas, i have no transfers left. can i get a bail out? or at least some sort of market control that prevents me from spending all my transfers so frivolously next year? i really need something akin to the 2010 wall street flash crash so i can churn some illegal transfers to make a run at the title. maybe the guys who hacked ashley madison can help me out.
from Mohawks
on Sat 9/5 11:23 ET
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Still weird to me that Maryland is in the Big Ten
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Sat 9/5 14:09 ET
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Maryland gave up a soft goal IMO, though their keeper denied
much better scoring chances.
from Stormin Union
on Sat 9/5 18:57 ET
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I don't think Penn State wants to ever come back to philly,
Temple shut out PSU's soccer team yesterday to knock them
out of the rankings and then today pulls the upset in football.
Matakevich is a beast for the Owls, PSU quarterback
Hackenberg was staring at the sky for most of the game.
Maybe the game vs Notre Dame in philly next month might be
an interesting one after all.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sat 9/5 19:55 ET
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First start for Drogba tonight. Larentowiecz and Gehrig are going to have their hands full.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sat 9/5 20:30 ET
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I saw one post on SBI that said that Drogba has
lost a lot in the last year or two. I don't follow
other leagues much so I don't know myself. Probably
the most authoritative source would be FIFA 2015 I
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sat 9/5 20:36 ET
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That maybe so, but he's playing Chicago. Opens his account. 1-0 Montreal.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sat 9/5 20:38 ET
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I guess he's still better than Gehrig even at his
advanced age. Of course He's getting $6 million per
year, Gehrig $40 thou.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sat 9/5 20:47 ET
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Montreal's replacement defense costs them. What was
Tissot thinking?
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sat 9/5 20:51 ET
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Lefevre puts them back up 2-1.

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