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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 3/30 9:34 ET]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 4/7 9:29 ET
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From SBI, Week 5 Rewind:


The Philadelphia Union have given goalkeeper Rais
Mbolhi chance after chance after chance, but itís
time for head coach Jim Curtin to pull the plug on
this failed experiment. At least for now.

In yet the latest example of the Unionís
mishandling of their goalkeeping situation, Mbolhi
turned in the type of disastrous performance that
he is becoming known for and it played a huge role
in the Unionís stomach-turning 3-2 collapse to
Sporting Kansas City. Mbolhi was completely to
blame for Sporting KCís first equalizer, coming
off his line and whiffing on his attempt to grab
it. He did not cover himself in glory on the other
tying goal in second-half stoppage time either and
was even worse on the Kansas Cityís late winner,
helplessly standing about on the goal line. Not
even a statue of a Buckingham Palace guard would
have been so still.

Mbolhi was not solely to blame for the defeat Ė
Michael Lahoud, hereís looking at you Ė but itís
clear that his confidence, decision-making and
form just arenít up to snuff. Itís telling that a
young veteran like Ray Gaddis had to have a talk
in-game with a player like Mbolhi who has
international experience and World Cup games under
his belt.

Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz said that he felt the
Union had three of the best goalkeepers in MLS
after acquiring Mbolhi last year. Right now, with
Zac MacMath in Colorado and promising youngster
Andre Blake healing, Philadelphia has zero.

That might make it seem like Philadelphia is stuck
having to go with Mbolhi for now. But Curtin has
2014 USL Pro Rookie of the Year John McCarthy on
the roster, and thereís just no way that McCarthy
can play much worse than Mbolhi at this point.
Make the change.
from Stormin Union
on Tue 4/7 13:10 ET
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I agree, start McCarthy this week. The Mbohli experiment
hasn't worked and we need to try a new keeper. We have
nothing to lose so it's worth giving McCarthy a shot.
from CŠnicas AC
on Thu 4/9 11:15 ET
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I think there is also a trust (communication?) issue going on with
Mbohli. My impression watching the goal replays is that he does not
trust his defense and the defenders do not trust him. Too much
overcompensating on both sides (specially in the last one, with
Mbohli staying put trying to cover the whole goal and the defenders
overplaying their marks). I think that may be worse than the form
issues: you can shred the rust eventually, but when goalie and
defenders are each waging the war on their own...

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