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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Wed 3/18 7:54 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Wed 3/18 7:54 ET
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The 2015 installment of the Brew City FA League Cup begins on MFLS week three. All twenty-three teams will take part in this year long tournament. Teams are separated into three divisions, and the Cup tournament is divided into three seasons. At the conclusion of the Spring and Summer seasons, the top two teams in each division will be promoted into the higher division, and the bottom two teams will be relegated into the lower division. The final season is the Championship Season, the winner of which will carry the title of League Cup Champion. The reigning 2014 champion is Arrows SC,

The top six teams in Division One are back: Arrows SC, Dynamo Silver Spring, Top Shelf, Weirder Bremen, Aviators, and Sehome Mariners. They are joined by two teams promoted at the end of the 2014 division two championship season: Sasha Juniors and Redneck SC. Sasha Juniors is playing its first division one season since the summer of 2012.

Cánicas AC and Shaolin Mystigods are relegated to division two. They are joined by Phoenix TS, The Laws of Lalas, Dudley Street Hooligans, and Castle Hill Comets (formerly Alewive). Nguyenning (formerly God Bless Amarikwa) and C.C. United are also promoted into division two.

Glorydaze and Surreywood Rangers are relegated to division three, and will play with returnees: Grass Pitch Please, Another Brek in the Wall (formerly Fliehr), BigGame James, and Appleton Aarhus SC. Brew City’s newest team, School of Science, begins its League Cup odyssey in division three.

The reigning Spring champions are:
Division One: Top Shelf
Division Two: Arrows SC
Division Three: God Bless Amarikwa (now Nguyenning)

The Spring division alignment is found here:


The Spring season schedule is found here:


Good luck to everyone. We hope you enjoy the 2015 season.
from Surreywood Rangers
on Wed 3/18 10:12 ET
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{Sigh} Surreywood spends so much time in the third division.

Lol. Maybe I can "correct" that problem this year....
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/18 14:40 ET
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The second division is clearly tougher. Actually, while we have a
Thomas and the likes of the Ginger Machine, the Mad Monk or The-
Team-Previously-Known-as-Alewive in the division, I can barely
recognize any of the teams in the first division. Who are those
people? Have they ever achieved anything in the division?
from Aviators
on Mon 3/23 13:09 ET
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I know you were trolling, but I'll take the bait.

A pox on you for even suggesting that 2nd division is stronger.

Any division that has Top Shelf is, by definition, stronger.
Top Shelf (6 time MFLS Hall of Fame):
MFLS Champion 2004, 2012, and 2013
MFLS 2nd 1998
MFLS 3rd 2008 and 2011

I'll throw in 2001 3rd in the Prediction Leage and 2014 2nd in the Prediction League.

Aviators (3 time MFLS Hall of Fame):
MFLS Champion 2005
MFLS 2nd 2003
MFLS 3rd 2006

Dynamo Silver Spring (2 time MFLS Hall of Fame):
MFLS Champion 2010
MFLS 3rd 2005

MFLS 2013 Champion

MFLS Prediction League 3rd in 2014

I don't think Division 2 has any past MFLS Champions. Laws of Lalas may be your only team that has Hall of Fame credentials.

I didn't even go into the League Cup Champion history of which the First Division has multiple winners including the defending champion.

No rebuttal is necessary for you obviously false characterization of the strength of the BCFA First Division.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/23 21:58 ET
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Come on Hal, so the lot of you have won a couple more MFLS
championships and Hall of Fame positions (no doubt out of sheer
luck; anybody can end two or three times among the top three
just by random chance), so what? Plus, I cannot believe you are
throwing the titles thing at us, when you know that the only
reasons why we haven't won more titles are:

1) Phoenix being the brother who DID listen when theur parents
explained the thing about sharing and not being greedy with
your games.

2) Up to a couple years ago Randall thought that the competition
was about who could exhaust all transfers first (you must admit
that Mark's Rules' section is not very clearly phrased; anybody
could have made that mistake).

3) Due to our delicate stomachs, Preston and me played this
thing for some ten years without being able to select Landon
Donovan for our teams. You must admit that that is like having
to run the Tour de France without the bicycle chain.

4) Out of team loyalty , for the last six or seven years David was
forced to select the new DC forward du jour who was supposed
to be the bee's knees. That's also like running the Tour, only now
having to carry your mother in law on the handlebar.

5) Mark's lack of sensitivity in his stubborn, systematic rejection
of my thoughtful yearly emails suggesting the creation of a MFLS
Paralympic tournament (I would be totally dominant in that

Bottom line, we may not have your ivy league titles, but we are
street smart. The only possible way in which you can consider
the first division to be better is if you are one of those elitist
snobs who think that The Grapes of Wrath is better than Here
Comes Honey Boo Boo. Think about this, Mister: stupid letters
and stuff on paper (you even have to turn the pages by hand), vs.
HD television filmed with the latest technology.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 3/24 8:14 ET
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A time-honored tradition continues, with the 2015 installment of the Brew City League Cup. In Division One, the Aviators came out flying, blowing out Weirder Bremen 33-13. The Aviators lead the pack on point difference. Dynamo Silver Spring thumped Sasha Juniors 23-7 to claim second place. Redneck SC beat the defending champ Arrows SC 30-17. Top Shelf also started perfect with a 20-9 victory over Sehome Mariners.

The early Division Two lead belongs to The Laws of Lalas, following a 23-4 drubbing of the Dudley Street Hooligans. CC United starts strong, beating Cánicas AC 19-6. Nguyenning winned against the Shaolin Mystigods 21-15. Finally, it was Phoenix TS sliding past the Castle Hill Comets 23-4.

Division Three posted three tight matches. BigGame James starts the Cup in first place, climbing over Another Brek in the Wall 14-7. Grass Pitch Please edged Appleton Aarhus 9-6. The Surreywood Rangers beat School of Science in a game that nobody seemed to want to win 1 to -2. Glorydaze started the campaign with a bye.

from Cánicas AC
on Tue 3/24 14:23 ET
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When I read 'A time-honored tradition continues' I thought you
were about to add 'Cánicas loses again.'
from Arrows SC
on Mon 3/30 18:24 ET
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Top Shelf finds itself if familiar position, on the top shelf of the division one standings after week two. The Shelf defeated Wierder Bremen 30-14, sending WB to the bottom of the table. Dynamo Silver Spring is also perfect after two games, after a win over the Aviators 26-18. Redneck SC also starts the year two and 0 with a narrow 22-21 victory over the Sehome Mariners. The Arrows break into the win column, downing Sasha Juniors 37-18.

The second division also has three undefeated teams after two weeks. Nguyenning is at the top of the table following a 28-17 beating of Cánicas AC. CC United is also unblemished, slipping past Castle Hill Comments 12-11. The third team is Phoenix TS, who schooled the Laws of Lalas 34-30. The Shaolin Mystigods clobbered the Dudley St. Hooligans 38-15, sending the Hooligans to their second defeat of the young season.

Division Three has only one undefeated team, and it is BigGame James. BGJ scored a 17-14 win over the Surreywood Rangers. The School of Science earned its first League Cup victory thanks to a 17-13 win over Glorydaze. Another Brek in the Wall beat Grass Pitch Please 18-13 for its first season victory. Appleton Aarhus had the wee off.

from Arrows SC
on Tue 4/7 8:04 ET
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Dynamo Silver Spring jumps into the top spot of Division one in week five, clobbering last week’s first place team, Top Shelf, by a score of 38-11. DSS is undefeated with three wins. Redneck SC is the other undefeated team this spring, and remained so by narrowly beating Wierder Bremen 38-34. WB is one of three winless D1 teams this season, digging an early hole for itself. Aviators sent winless Sasha Juniors to the bottom of the table with a 23-15 victory. Arrows beat Sasha Juniors by the same 23-15 margin.

Phoenix TS is the only undefeated team in Division Two, moving to reclaim a spot in the senior circuit next season. Phoenix showed the Shoalin Mystigods no mercy, winning 35-9. Laws Of Lalas handed C.C. United its first loss of the season, winning 26-9. The Dudley Street Hooligans beat up on Nguyenning 44-19 for its first win of the Spring. Cánicas AC mustered only four points, but was fortunate to face off against the Castle Hill Comets who posted an even more dismal week, and beat CHC 4 to -9.

BigGame James tops Division Three with a perfect record. BGG squeaked past School of Science 17-16. Grass Pitch Please stays in the promotion zone following a 27-10 beating of Surreywood Rangers. Appleton Aarhus earned its first 2015 win, beating Glorydaze 21-7. Another Brek in the Wall had the week off.

from Arrows SC
on Tue 4/14 7:47 ET
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Dynamo Silver Spring is the last remaining undefeated team in Division One. DSS barely got past Redneck SC 9-6, handing Redneck its first loss of the season. The Arrows SC blanked Aviators 18-0 to move into a second place tie with Redneck and Top Shelf at 3-1. Top Shelf topped Sasha Juniors 11-7, keeping the Juniors winless and in relegation danger. Sehome Mariners are also winless this Spring, narrowly losing to Wierder Bremen 4-5.

Phoenix TS is the only undefeated team and at the top of the Division Two table. Phoenix downed Nguyenning 12-5. Laws of Lalas is in second place, one game out. Laws thumped Castle Hill Comets 22-8, keeping the Comets winless this spring. In a game no one seemed to want to win, CC United and Shaolin Mystigods finished in a -1 to -1 tie. Cánicas AC leveled its record at 2-2 with an 8-4 victory over the Dudley Street Hooligans.

Glorydaze earned its first win of the season, knocking off BigGame James 20-14. BGJ remains in first place. Appleton Aarhus climbs into second place thanks to a 9-1 decision over Another Brek in the Wall. The School of Science schooled Grass Pitch Please 19-5. Surreywood Rangers had the bye this week.

from C.C. United
on Tue 4/14 12:55 ET
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Shaolin Mystigods: Lucky we met this week to "earn" a tie. Hope I can put together a group of real players this week.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 4/16 11:38 ET
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We had tired legs with two Sunday matches after six
on Sat. Shaolin's training master has been
from Arrows SC
on Mon 4/20 15:11 ET
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Dynamo Silver Spring remains undefeated and on top of Division One. DSS clobbered the winless Sehome Mariners 27-12. Sasha Juniors is also winless in the Spring, losing to second place Redneck SC 30-17. Top Shelf is tied with Redneck at 4-1, having beaten Aviators 30-14. Weirder Bremen got past Arrows SC 21-10.

Phoenix TS is the lone undefeated team in Division Two, continuing their winning ways against the Dudley Street Hooligans 29-23. Phoenix can book a promotion spot to D1 with a win or tie against Cánicas AC next week. Cánicas moved into a second place tie with Laws of Lalas, after defeating LOL 22-9. CC United is flirting with promotion as well, and remains in contention with an 18-13 victory over Nguyenning. Castle Hill Comets scored their first win of the season in a big way with a 29-0 drubbing of Shaolin Mystigods.

BigGame James continues to lead Division Three and can clinch a promotion next week. BigGame got past Grass Pitch Please 24-12. Appleton Aarhus is also close to securing a coveted spot in D2. AA moved into sole possession of second place with a narrow 21-20 victory over Surreywood Rangers. In another game decided by only one point, it was Glorydaze over Another Brek in the Wall 16-15. School of Science had the week off.

from Cánicas AC
on Mon 4/20 17:39 ET
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Dan, I may be mistaken, but I think you have a typo. I think Patrick
is missing three points (he would have three wins, a tie and a loss),
and CC United would actually be second, above Randall and me,
with 10 points.

Not that he deserves it, after the ref basically gifted him his match
against me in week 3 (I totally controlled that game, only the
officiating was just plain ridiculous), but fair is fair. Then I do not
mind losing a spot if it also means dragging Randall from the third
to the fourth spot; all he has done since joining the Division is
undermining my authority (pronounce it 'authoritah') and insisting
on finishing above me at everything. Not kosher and, to be honest,
plain rude. Plus, as you all know, when I have a headache I do not
wish as much for it to go away as for everybody else to also get
from Arrows SC
on Tue 4/21 7:01 ET
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Thanks for checking my work, and for bringing this to my attention. I found an error in my spreadsheet and made the correction.


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