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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Thu 3/12 8:29 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Mon 10/19 22:19 ET
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In the second to last week of the season, Brew City teams peppered the top twenty-five with six teams. The highest scoring team in MFLS was Phoenix TS with 61 points. Other top teams were BigGame James (52/5), Arrows SC (50/8), Aviators (48/11), Top Shelf (46/16), and Wierder Bremen (45/18).

Phoenix TS is ten points out of first place overall in MFLS going into the final week. PTS has a commanding 38 point lead for the Brew City title.

A full seven teams landed in the top twenty-five in prediction points. Cánicas AC had the best numbers with 29/10. The other teams were Phoenix TS (27/15), Surreywood Rangers, Top Shelf, and BigGame James (26/18), and Wierder Bremen and Laws Of Lalas (25/28).

BigGame James sits in first place overall in MFLS with a six point lead with one week to go. BGJ is virtually assured of the Brew City title.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 10/20 0:14 ET
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Whoa Michael, my bad! My apologies to TS Phoenix, the
hero of this particular hour. The Thomas Dynasty reigns.
from Phoenix TS
on Tue 10/20 14:46 ET
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Not a problem
from Top Shelf
on Tue 10/20 17:39 ET
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It is a problem that you are beating me. This season is a disaster!
from Surreywood Rangers
on Wed 10/21 10:10 ET
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Lol. I am sitting at no. 22 in Brew City. Top
Shelf's definition of "disaster" is very different
from mine.
from Top Shelf
on Wed 10/21 13:21 ET
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My definition of disaster is my brother beating me. If I was 22 in BCFA and he was 23 this season would be a huge success!

That said, I have felt that this season has been more difficult than most and a bit of a struggle. Not sure why, and I've had plenty of fun, it is just that several moves I made wound up falling really flat.
from Arrows SC
on Wed 10/21 18:18 ET
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I thought the same thing. It was a difficult season. I burned a lot of transfers picking up players that I once had but later dropped. It was hard to get the trends right.
from Cánicas AC
on Thu 10/22 13:09 ET
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"it is just that several moves I made wound up falling really flat"

David, your flat moves were pre-surgery Dolly Parton compared to
ALL of mine; Colorado to Kansas; meatballs to fettuccine;
champagne to cold tea.

On a positive note, after the debacle of forgetting entering my
predictions a few weeks ago, I managed to make it back into the
top 100 this week, with just one to go. On a negative one, I am
92nd in Fantasy and 97th in Prediction, with one week to screw up
again and deprive the division from one point in each AD division
ranking. Too much pressure...
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Mon 10/26 11:58 ET
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My definition of disaster was realized in the final week: falling out of the top 25. Ugh, seems like my season success was similar to DC United's: very strong start around the top of the league/division, and then running on fumes to the finish.

I can only place the blame on my family for distracting me from the truly important task of scouring the web for all things MLS. Jerks.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 10/26 16:42 ET
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Shame on you, Mark. I also fell down from the top 100 in the last
week (you can always count on me: give me a chance to screw up,
and I will never dissapoint), but at least I am consistent: I had also
started horribly the season.

At least I managed to stay within the top 100 in the Prediction
league, and add a tiny little point to the combined power rankings.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 10/27 7:38 ET
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Week 34 concluded the 2015 season. Three Brew City teams placed in the top twenty-five. Our best result came from Dudley Street Hooligans with 48 points, finishing in seventh place. The other top scorers were Redneck SC (44/12) and Top Shelf (43/16). The final ADPR results are in, and Brew City once again claims the title of the strongest fantasy division with 37 points, nine higher than the nearest competitor AAPL.

Six teams made it into the top twenty-five in the final week. BCFA’s top spot was claimed by two teams, Arrows SC and Surreywood Rangers, both with 39 points in seventh place. The other top twenty-five teams were Wierder Bremen (38/10), Laws of Lalas and Dudley Street Hooligans (36/18), and BigGame James (35/20). As a division, Brew City once again reigns supreme as tops in MFLS with 32 points, five better than UvW.

I’ll be back to wrap up the season later in the week.
from Arrows SC
on Sun 11/1 9:09 ET
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I'm sorry I haven't provided a season-ending wrap up. I'll try to get it out later today, although I probably missed the boat in that many managers have dialed out for the season.

In September I took over the campaign management duties for a local race for state-wide office. The campaign had no money and no resources. It's been a lot of work, but it ends on Tuesday. This is crunch week.

No matter where you are or what flag you fly, please go vote on Tuesday. A great many people have given their lives for this right. Do your part.
from Arrows SC
on Sun 11/1 14:45 ET
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2015 was another banner year from the strongest division in MFLS. I’ll start by recognizing Phoenix TS as the division champion. This is PTS’s second championship, having previously won in 2012. PTS challenged for the top spot overall in MFLS but finished in second place, twenty points behind Mohawks.

The prediction champion for 2015 is BigGame James. This is BGJ’s first prediction championship since joining Brew City in 2014. BGJ also finished first overall in MFLS.

Laws Of Lalas posted a great summary of MFLS title winners. To highlight Brew City distinctions: Top Shelf won the Cup Winners’ Cup and the Mugs O’ Suds tournaments. BigGame James took home the WSOP prediction tournament.
Over the winter I hope to build out the site with more statistics from the tournaments over the years.

I had a great time this year. I enjoyed everyone’s online company. I hope to see all the teams back in 2016. Until then, enjoy the playoffs.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Wed 11/4 11:59 ET
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Dan, did your candidate win the state-wide election?
from Arrows SC
on Wed 11/4 19:34 ET
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We got hammered.


No one from my party has won any seat in that district since 1975. We were doomed. But I learned a lot and am better for the experience. As it says in the book of Timothy, I fought the good fight.

Thanks for asking!

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