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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Thu 3/12 8:29 ET]
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from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Tue 9/1 16:51 ET
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Have fun!
from Arrows SC
on Mon 9/7 14:11 ET
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Week 27 was a short one, due to the international schedule. Though several teams fared well, no one broke into the top twenty-five. Despite not having made a roster change since June, School Of Science turned in the best score for Brew City.

Seven Brew City teams landed in the prediction top twenty-five this week. Two teams finished in sixth place with fifteen points: Shaolin Mystigods and Phoenix TS. Five teams ended in eleventh place with fourteen points: Top Shelf, Arrows SC, Surreywood Rangers, Dudley Street Hooligans, and BigGame James.

Week 28 is a big one, and it starts in two days. Get those roster changes and predictions in today, and play with them for the next two days.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 9/14 19:53 ET
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Though week twenty-eight featured a lot of games, the scores were relatively low. We only placed one time in the two twenty-five, and that was the Surreywood Rangers with 33 points, good for 12th place. Our division lead in ADPR is still a dominant 11 points over USA vs. World.

Only 113 fantasy teams submitted prediction picks this week, fourteen of those from Brew City. But even with the small population, we only placed one team in the top twenty-five. Top Shelf landed in 24th place with 24 points. As a division, we continue to lead with 29 ADPR points, four better than UvW.

The WSOP prediction tournament is down to four teams. Two are from Brew City: BigGame James and Laws of Lalas.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 9/22 7:37 ET
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Two Brew City mates made it into the top twenty-five this week. Another Brek in the Wall and Aviators both scored 43 points, and landed in 18th place. Our division lead in ADPR points is ticking down slightly, but we’re still ten points ahead of our nearest competitor.

A record low for the year 110 teams this week submitted prediction scores. We missed a few regulars on our side this week. Get those picks in for week thirty today! Three teams made it in the top twenty-five for last week. Our best was BigGame James with 29 points, good for 7th place. The other two were Redneck SC (28/15) and Dynamo Silver Spring (26/22).

Though the results are not yet official, it appears that Top Shelf has won the Cup Winners’ Cup. This would make it back-to-back wins.

The WSOP tournament is down to three teams, two from Brew City: Laws of Lalas and BigGame James.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 9/24 13:21 ET
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If HOU can manage a second shutout this weekend, and
SKC can be shutout again, and Drogba can find the
net some more, Week 30 could be very kind to
Shaolin. Watch out Fred!
from Weirder Bremen
on Thu 9/24 16:43 ET
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As Don Meredith said to Howard Cosell once on
Monday Night Football, "If if's and but's were
candy and nuts we'd have a Merry Christmas".
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Fri 9/25 21:05 ET
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I didn't expect so much help from ORL tonight by taming the Energy Drinks. Dan, Mark, you guys are also on notice!

...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 9/28 17:09 ET
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You guys are lucky I kept Keane and Lletget on the
bench in favor of my CMB tandem. Or am I the lucky
one because I did not take an even bigger hit for
doing that? It was an 11 point difference as it

from Arrows SC
on Thu 10/1 6:30 ET
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Congratulations go out to Grass Pitch Please for nabbing the top spot overall in week thirty. GPP put up 54 points. The only other top twenty-five score came from Glorydaze (45/10). Our ADPR lead is up to 11 over AAPL.

A whopping eight teams posted top-twenty-five prediction scores in week thirty. Brew City made it a double, with Laws Of Lalas giving us the top prediction score of the week with 35 points. There were many other high-scoring predictions: BigGame James (34/4), Wierder Bremen (34/4), Sasha Juniors (34/4), Redneck SC, School of Science, Surreywood Rangers, and Shaolin Mystigods.

The WSOP tournament is down to only two Brew City teams: Laws of Lalas and BigGame James.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 10/5 10:51 ET
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This was an interesting week. Got just 18 points, was at the bottom
of the division for the week, and thought I would fell out of the top
100 again (I have spent now too many weeks in the mid-90's for my
taste). But I've just seen that I still kept my previous position overall.
I see five BCFA constituents on the week's top 25, but taking into
account the previous observation, I guess it means that a ton of
other BCFA managers have been above the curve, and we may have
increased our advantage in the ADPW.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 10/5 19:31 ET
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I'm still mad at myself for not submitting predictions for week 30.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 10/6 7:24 ET
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Six of our teams landed in the top twenty-five this week. The top score went to Arrows with 39 points for third place overall. The other high-scoring teams were Top Shelf and Phoenix TS (35/8), Laws of Lalas and Shaolin Mystigods (34/11), and Weirder Bremen (32/17). Our ADPR lead remains steady at 11 points.

Only 105 MFLS teams submitted predictions this week, and Brew City accounted for 15% of those. Seven recorded top twenty-five results. Our best predictor was Dudley Street Hooligans with 32 points in fifth place. Other high scores went to Top Shelf (31/7), Phoenix TS (30/9), Weirder Bremen (29/13), Arrows SC (28/17), and BigGame James and Redneck SC (27/19).

BigGame James has won the WSOP prediction tournament. Congrats!
from Arrows SC
on Mon 10/12 21:01 ET
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The week featured only three games. Brew City put four teams in the top twenty-five. Phoenix TS finished fourth with 23 points. The others were Arrows S.C. (19/14), Top Shelf (17/22), and Dynamo Silver Spring (17/22).

With two weeks left in the MFLS season, Phoenix TS has a comfortable but not insurmountable 23 point lead over Top Shelf. No other team seems able to catch them. The race for third place is wide open for the next six teams.

We also put four teams in the top twenty-five in prediction points. Once again, it was Phoenix TS leading the way with 15 point, landing in second place. The other teams with high scores were Wierder Bremen (11/10), Dynamo Silver Spring (11/10), and Top Shelf (10/19).

BigGame James has an even bigger lead in the race for the prediction championship, twenty-eight points over Laws Of Lalas.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 10/19 19:04 ET
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massive surge by Top Shelf in Week 33 to move within
striking distance of Mohawks for #1 overall! Dave
was looney to play Portland's GK at LA right? right?

Good luck Dave, bring home the bacon for Brew City
once again!
from Phoenix TS
on Mon 10/19 21:30 ET
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Oy o Oy.
Just like every teacher I ever had that called me Dave and
wished I was more like him...

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