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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Thu 3/12 8:29 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Fri 5/8 8:15 ET
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No Brew City team placed in the top twenty-five overall this week. As a division we’ve slipped into second place with 26 ADPR points, one behind the leader USA vs. World.

Only one team landed in the top twenty five in the prediction game, and that was Surreywood Rangers with 27 points, good for 10th place overall. On the ADPR prediction front, Brew City sits in fourth place, but only four points behind the leader US National Team.

The Mugs O Suds tournament enters the final week of the group stage. Two teams out of eight total have already clinched passage to the knockout round, and they are both from Brew City: Top Shelf and Dynamo Silver Spring.

The WSOP Prediction tournament begins on week eleven. The tables have been assigned. Nine Brew City teams are taking part.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 5/19 7:58 ET
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Week eleven yielded some strange results. Only three of the top twenty-five teams overall in MFLS in week eleven are in the top one hundred in the overall standings. Brew City team came close to the leaderboard in fantasy points. The highest scoring team among us was BigGame James, who finished in 57th with 18 points. Four of our teams finished with negative points. In the division ADPR standings, Brew City sits in third place with 25 points, two behind the leader AAPL.

Two teams finished in the top twenty-five in prediction points. BigGame James had 23 points for 4th place, and Laws of Lalas had 20/15. As a division we sit in fifth place in ADPR standings with 18 points. The leader, US National Team, has 26. We need to up our game here.

The Mugs O Suds tournament semifinals are set. The two remaining Brew City teams face each other, with Top Shelf squaring off against Dynamo Silver Spring. This assures us of a spot in the championship.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 5/25 17:52 ET
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Week twelve was a good one for us. We put four teams in the fantasy points leaderboard. Phoenix TS carried the flag for us this week with 36 points, finishing 4th overall. Other top scoring teams were Appleton Aarhus (32/7), Redneck SC (27/16) and Aviators (24/24). As a division, we moved back on top of the ADPR table, but only by one point over the AAPL.

Only one team placed in the top twenty-five in fantasy points this week, and it was The Laws Of Lalas with 24 points, finishing in 20th place. In the ADPR race we are still far behind the leader UvW, with 18 points compared to 24.

Top Shelf advances to the Mugs O Suds championship game in week thirteen against Hounds FC.

The Masters tournament kicks off soon. Several Brew City teams qualify but have not indicated their participation. Please check the list of eligible teams and consider playing this year.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 6/1 19:58 ET
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Brew City placed two teams on the week 13 leaderboard, though every team but one had twenty points or more. Arrows SC was the top point getter with 56 points, good for second place. Phoenix TS posted 55 for third place. As a division we fell back even with the AAPL on ADPR points at 29.

There were many high prediction scores this week across the board. Seven Brew City teams landed in the top twenty-five. The highest total went to Arrow SC with 60 points, finishing first place overall. Other top teams included: Top Shelf and Dudley Street Hooligans (46/8), Phoenix TS (45/12), Redneck SC (44/13), BigGame James and Laws of Lalas (42/17). The monster week moved us up to second place in ADPR points as a division, one point behind US National Team with 25.

Top Shelf won the Mugs O Suds tournament over Hounds 3-2. This is Top Shelf’s third Mug trophy.

Week 14 begins on Wednesday so get your roster set and your predictions in!
from Arrows SC
on Tue 6/16 6:38 ET
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This week featured only five games. Our highest scoring team, Phoenix TS, did not crack the top twenty-five. Brew City holds on to the top spot in ADPR points with 30, two more than AAPL.

Four Brew City teams placed on the prediction leaderboard in week fifteen. C.C. United led the way for the second week in a row with 18 points, finishing in the sixth spot. Other top teams were Cánicas AC, Glorydaze, and Dudley Street Hooligans, each with 15/20.

As a division we still lag behind in the ADPR standings, posting only 24 points, while the leaders have 35.

All of the tournaments took a break this week, and will be back in action in week sixteen.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 6/23 6:49 ET
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Only one Brew City team finished in the top twenty-five this week. Canicas AC had 32 points, good for 14th place. The week saw many depressed scores. We lost our top spot at the top of the ADPR standings, and are now one point behind the AAPL.

We put four teams in the top twenty-five for prediction scores. Top Shelf was our best, with 25 points, good for 5th place. Other high-scoring teams were Arrows SC (22/12), BigGame James (21/20), and Redneck SC (21/20). As a division, we gained a lot of ground on the top spot. We now have 26 ADPR points, three behind the leader US National Team.

When I run the prediction scores each week, I always tend to notice the highest placed team who did not submit picks. This week it was Lords of the Pitch, who started the week in second place overall.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 6/29 9:05 ET
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Phoenix is running away with this thing. If its not one Thomas
sibling it's the other.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 6/29 10:02 ET
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I gained about 25 points on Phoenix this week. If
I keep that up I think I can catch him.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 6/29 18:19 ET
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Two words: Kei. Kamara. Dan beat me in the League cup by one
point thanks to Kei Kamara's performance. I am considering
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 6/30 14:42 ET
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I don't know which is worse Luis: you for not having
Kamara or me for having the MLS goals leader but
trading him away for reasons I cannot even remember.
from Arrows SC
on Thu 7/2 7:08 ET
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Week seventeen was a good one for us. As a division, we took a giant leap over AAPL to take the overall ADPR lead with 35 points, compared with 29 for AAPL. Four of our teams landed in the top twenty-five. Wierder Bremen was our top gun, scoring 66 points for 3rd place. The other top teams were Top Shelf (60/5), Castle Hill Comets (58/7), and Nguyenning (57/10).

I’m proud to say that we also vaulted into the top spot as a division in the prediction ADPR standings. We now have 26 points, two better than US National Team. It’s great to get us back on top in both. Four teams placed in the top twenty-five. The Arrows SC were the best among us with 50 points, good for 5th place. The other top teams were Aviators (44/14), Surreywood Rangers (41/24), and Shaolin Mystigods (41/24).

I’m sorry I was a little late this week with the posts, thought I did update the Masters and League Cup scores the day before. I had a busy week with my brother and niece visiting from Minnesota. Unfortunately, I will not be making any updates for weeks nineteen and twenty as I will be out of the country. I just hope I can get online somewhere to get my picks in.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 7/6 17:58 ET
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Brew City enjoyed another strong showing in week 18, putting four teams in the top twenty-five. Redneck SC led the way with 47 points, good for 4th place overall. Other high scoring teams were Phoenix TS (39/12), Nguyenning (35/19), and Dudley Street Hooligans (35/19). On the ADPR side, Brew City continues to lead all divisions with 34 points, six points better than AAPL.

Six Brew City teams graced the top twenty-five in prediction points. Redneck capped a glorious week and finished with 28 points, good for fourth place overall, and tied with Glorydaze. Other high-producing teams were Castle Hill Comets (24/17), Dudley Street Hooligans, Top Shelf, and Laws Of Lalas (all with 23.20). We remain the top division as measured by ADPR with 26 points, three better than UvW.

The League Cup summer titles were captured by Cánicas AC (D1), Dudley Street Hooligans (D2), and Shaolin Mystigods (D3).
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 7/27 13:15 ET
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Welcome back Dan! Luis had an emotional breakdown
after DC traded Luis Silva but he seems to be stable
now. He remains under observation and the invoice
for his treatments are addressed to your attention.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 7/27 14:56 ET
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David, I was doing better until I had another breakdown yesterday
while watching the NYC game and hearing the commenters
referring repeatedly to Angeliño (An-hell-ee-gno, like in gnocchi)
as "Angelino."

Dan, you may get a second bill from a law firm. I just did a
consultation to check if I can sue NYC for psychological damage,
after they keep insisting on hiring Spaniards, all from my home
town, region or very immediate vicinity, and forcing them to play
for a team that is just blatantly not DC, but the NY Yankees on top
of it. I just thought yinz guys would support me in the noble effort
so I just gave them the Division's address...

(PS: David, Sabo and Espindola did look terrific playing together
yesterday. Yay!)
from Arrows SC
on Mon 7/27 17:06 ET
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It's good to be back. I was able to get internet access to keep my roster current and predictions going. England was great, but Ireland was even better. What a cool place, some good craic.

I missed much of the soccer last weekend, trying to dig out from being away for two weeks. There were some crazy games.

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