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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Thu 3/12 8:29 ET]
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from Arrows SC
on Tue 3/24 21:16 ET
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Actually, I bought a Volt last year, to go along with my Prius.
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/25 13:28 ET
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'to go along with my Prius'

There you go, these two guys buy cars as we buy candy, I am telling
from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 3/30 15:12 ET
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7 teams in the top 20. our division is ridiculous.
from Aviators
on Mon 3/30 16:00 ET
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And another week where a BCFA team had the highest weekly MFLS score. Way to go David and the Shaolin Mystigods. High fives also to Arrows for the 2nd highest MFLS GW 4 score and to Phoenix TS with a tie for 4th highest MFLS GW 4 score.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/30 16:13 ET
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Jeepers, Dan, you should have known that Hernandez
was with the Guat Nat Team.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 3/30 18:23 ET
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How about a little lemon juice to go with that paper cut? I was kicking myself for leaving Kitchen on the bench for him. Still quite happy, though.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 3/31 7:46 ET
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We were monsters in week four, putting six teams in the top twenty-five, including three of the top four slots. For the second week in a row we took the top two spots for the week, led by the Shaolin Mystigods (38/1) and Arrows SC (37/2). Also placing on the leaderboard were Phoenix TS (34/4), The Laws of Lalas (30/11), Top Shelf (30/11), and Nguyenning (28/20). As a division we now have 37 ADPR points, a dozen more than AAPL at number two.

We placed four teams on the prediction leaderboard in week four. The Aviators led the way with 34 points, good for fifth place overall. Other top predictors included Redneck SC (30/12), Wierder Bremen (29/16), and BigGame James (28/21). As a division, we climbed back into the race for the top spot. We’re sitting now with eighteen ADPR points, three behind the leader AAPL.

Both remaining Brew City teams were eliminated from the Open Cup. The semifinals begin on MFLS week five.

The Mugs O Suds group stage begins on MFLS week five. Eleven Brew City teams are in the tournament, with each of the eight groups having at least one Brew City team.

The 2015 FA Cup will begin shortly. Look for news on that in the near future.
from Cánicas AC
on Tue 3/31 13:51 ET
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With this start, I am considering tanking, thinking of next year's
draft. You guys have not mercy.
from Aviators
on Mon 4/6 14:15 ET
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My unofficial results for the first round of Mug 'O' Suds Group Stage show great news for most BCFA Teams. Two thirds of our teams had winning weeks.

Unofficial Results:

BCFA Winners (8)

Nguyenning 3G - 1G Wolford Wolves
Arrows 2G - 1G SDFC Macross
Dynamo Silver Spring 3G - 2G Una Vida Contigo
Weirder Bremen 3G - 1G 3Rivers SC
Redneck SC 3G/3A - 3G/1A Damn Dirty Apes
Top Shelf 0G/2A - 0G/1A Mattylip FC
Aviators 2G - 1G Laws of Lalas
Grass Pitch Please 3G/4A - 3G/2A Jogo Feito

BCFA Losers (4) (Including Laws of Lalas above)

Castle Hill COmets 0G - 3G Carnival FC
Glorydaze 1G - 3G Friends of Rob Friend
Dudley St. Hooligans 1G - 3G Blackburn Rovers
from Arrows SC
on Mon 4/6 14:53 ET
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We have a game on Wednesday. Make sure you get your picks in soon!
from Arrows SC
on Tue 4/7 8:07 ET
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Brew City does it again. For the third week in a row we put a team in the number one spot overall in MFLS. This week we recognize Dudley Street Hooligans for finishing number one with 44 points. Four other teams placed in the top twenty-five overall this week, including Redneck SC (38/5), Dynamo Silver Spring (38/5), Phoenix TS (35/9), and Wierder Bremen (34/13). Brew City stays number one in ADPR with 37 points, eleven better than AAPL.

CC United finished week five with 26 prediction point, good enough for second place overall. Three other Brew City teams placed in the top twenty-five: Sasha Juniors (24/5), BigGame James (21/11), and Redneck SC (20/22). As a division we sit in fourth place overall in the ADPR prediction ranking, eleven points behind AAPL.

Get those picks in! We have a game tomorrow.
from Cánicas AC
on Thu 4/9 11:54 ET
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And for the good news, I have just submitted the last project. Thus,
expect me to be among the top 10 every week in the remaining of
the season, as usual*

* Results not typical. 99.9% of test subjects do not remember ever
seeing it happening.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 4/21 7:05 ET
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It was a tough week for Brew City. No team finished in the fantasy points top twenty-five. We lost much of our ADPR lead. Though we are still on top, the margin is now only four points of UvW.

We fared better on the prediction side. Wierder Bremen finished in first place overall with 42 points. Two other teams placed in the top twenty-five: Aviators (30 points for 15th place), and Sasha Juniors (28/25). As a division we sit in fourth place in ADPR points, six behind the leader AAPL.

The MFLS Open Tournament is complete. The winner is cYber warriors from Trojan League.
from Arrows SC
on Wed 4/29 8:27 ET
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Three Brew City teams graced the leaderboard in week eight. Dynamo Silver Spring finished in 6th place with 44 points. The other top scoring teams were Dudley Street Hooligans (40/14) and Top Shelf (37/20). As a division, we lost our big lead in the ADPR ranking, and are now tied with USA vs. World with 28 ADPR points. AAPL is next with 26 points.

Phoenix TS was the only team to place in the top twenty-five in prediction points, with 27 points, good for 11th place. Brew City sits in fifth place overall in terms of ADPR points, with 19. The new leader, Rookie Ball, has 25.

Week nine starts tonight. Get those picks in!
from Arrows SC
on Mon 5/4 9:57 ET
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All updates will be made after the week concludes, following the Tuesday Houston-SJ game. Week 10 starts THE NEXT DAY! Set your lineup and get your prediction picks in by Wednesday afternoon!

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