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    [thread started by Shaolin Mystigods on Mon 3/9 7:03 ET]
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from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/9 7:03 ET
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10 trades Luis?! I take it you were not happy with
the Week 1 results. I could hear the shouting at
your HQ all the way over here. I thought my two
trades were pushing the envelope, but it seems I'm a
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/9 11:04 ET
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Yes, Randall has converted me to the Cortés, so this season I plan to
have burned all my transfers by week 3.

Either that or this is the first season ever in which I had zero time to
follow the preseason, do some research and work on my roster. So I
had to play as a total newbie, waiting to the first games to check
who was playing and who wasn't to try and assembling a half-
decent roster.

For full disclosure, I will have to operate in the same way until mid
April, after the deadline to submit projects for a research agency.
The hardest part will be resisting the temptation to make any more
changes in a few weeks, until I have time and a clear idea; for which
I expect all your psychological support.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/9 13:33 ET
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I shall alert my bartender forthwith Luis to put
your drinks on my tab. Not sure that's the kind of
psychological support you have in mind but it is the
best I have to offer.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/9 13:52 ET
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/9 13:58 ET
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The perch fry and Yuenglings looks particularly good
to me. I was raised on Friday night fish fry's on
Milwaukee's South Side, about 2 mi from Lake
Michigan. The Kashoob's used to catch the perch just
beyond the breakwater.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/9 14:00 ET
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from Castle Hill Comets
on Mon 3/9 14:14 ET
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What is this "research" you speak of?
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/9 16:31 ET
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Being of Polish descent, the Kashubia lesson is
really interesting. Is that to say you are part
Kashubian Fred? I think my roots are more in
central Poland. I am scheduled to travel there with
my parents and two aunts probably in September. I
will guarantee a postcard to anyone that sends me
their mailing address.

The comments section in the PhoenixNewTimes blog is
more interesting than the post itself. I am
compelled to defend South Bend at every opportunity,
but I must say that is easier to do when you don't
live there and only visit 2 or 3 times per year.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/9 17:14 ET
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I am of Slovenian and German descent but the South
Side of Milwaukee where I grew up is known as a
Polish neighborhood. There was a Kashoob community
of fishermen on the Kinnicinnic River near Jones
Island. My dad had a friend that used to take him
out on the family boat back in the '20's. The South
Side has a ton of bars and most of them had perch
fish fries until the St. Lawrence Seaway opened up
around 1960 and the alewives and lamprey eels came
My parents had a grocery store on the South Side.
Using Microsoft Streets and Trips a few years ago I
found that within a mile of our store there were 55
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/9 17:17 ET
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The Kashoobs are a little different than Poles
though I'm not sure how.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/9 18:20 ET
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It seems to be complicated:
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/9 20:09 ET
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You got me at "Yuenglings", Fred. I do not agree too much with the
"hottest bars in Erie list," but here is some random information
about the interconnectedness of all things: the Cornestone is by my
place and was established by the former Mercyhurst soccer coach.
His other bar in town, Molly Brannigan's is way better, though; and
the place to go to watch soccer games in Erie.

David, I am glad to see that you belong to the right Psychology
school. Why do they call it psychotherapy when you can call it beer?

Preston, I am afraid I cannot share that information. Not trying to
look interesting or anything, but I only work on really secret stuff.
You know, the kind of thing you cannot tell anybody out of the
security clearance without also planning how are you going to
dispose the body. Well, the research itself actually involves some
body disposal, but that is everything I can say.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 3/10 21:59 ET
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Canicas, screw Cortes. i'm going to win it all.
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/11 17:15 ET
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You have been inching closer and closer to that goal, Randall. But
what about principles and style? Are you OK with the idea of going
from the Johan Cruyff to the Jose Mourinho of MFLS?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 4/14 21:49 ET
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speaking of extreme makeovers, i am enjoying the weekly redesign of the BCFA homepage here at MFLS. if i claim the #1 spot in MFLS for the first time ever (and i will eventually as i am going to win it all, of course), i request a Mutiny theme for the week. and, when that happens, i apologize in advance for subjecting you all to that color combo.

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