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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Mon 2/16 16:39 ET]
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from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Thu 5/14 18:34 ET
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Considering she is in FL for work through Sunday evening and
expecting me to watch the kids, I'd agree with that.

I'm hoping to make a RBA game later this season. May not be
until fall though given summer plans.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 5/26 12:47 ET
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bought my tickets to NYC for a two week vacation with all 3
kids and the wife from late June to early July. NYC with 3 kids
under 6, i am clearly a sadist. going to get a babysitter though
for me and my better half to attend NYC v NYR @ Yankee
Stadium on 06/28. anyone want to go? i know Arrows may be
down but anyone else?
from Arrows SC
on Tue 5/26 13:15 ET
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I'm 95% sure I'm in. My brother, Pat, may be visiting from Minnesota and may also join us.

Getting to the Bronx is a pain from New Jersey.
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Tue 5/26 15:42 ET
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Bummer, I'll be up in NJ the weekend before. Have fun.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 8/27 11:49 ET
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Red Bull Arena this Sunday, Aug 23 at 7pm. Be there
or be square. My cell: 301-640-1863.
Dan, I sent you an email in case you attend.
from Arrows SC
on Fri 8/28 17:31 ET
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I think I'm in. David, I'll give you a call Saturday and we'll figure out tickets. Anyone else?
from Top Shelf
on Fri 8/28 17:53 ET
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I wish! Unfortunately I'll be at the Rapids game on Saturday night. At least I'll catch up on a few hours of sleep at the game.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 8/31 17:35 ET
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Great game at RBA, or at least I thought so.


Columbia Casuals, Shaolin Mystigods, and Arrows SC

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