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    [thread started by Alewive FC on Fri 1/22 11:08 ET]
    [moderated by Arrows SC]
from Alewive FC
on Fri 1/22 11:08 ET
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If anyone is still checking in ...

I am re-doing my personal web site in Wordpress. I am not
sure how much of the old content I may carry over. If you
want any of the old Brew City FA history, grab the pages
while you can: http://prestonm.com/brewcity

Feel free to use the BCFA pages however you want! :-)

My updated site will eventually be at the same URL --
http://prestonm.com -- so you can always get in contact
with me via the site if you've lost my email. :-)

Take care,


p.s. Changed my team name back to Alewive FC. Think of it
as a one day trade before retiring with one's original team.