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    [thread started by Castle Hill Comets on Mon 4/20 14:43 ET]
    [moderated by Arrows SC]
from Castle Hill Comets
on Mon 4/20 14:43 ET
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29 points, second in weekly scoring. All without Keane or Villa.
Not sure how the hell that happened ...
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Tue 4/21 0:20 ET
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Nice work
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 6/1 1:29 ET
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Arrows a.k.a. Carnac the Magnificent predicted SEVEN exact scores in Week 13! I cannot recall getting more than maybe 3 exacts in any given week.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 6/1 13:02 ET
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I'm stunned myself. I felt like Richard Dreyfus in Let It Ride. I have every score of every team of every week for both fantasy and prediction since the start of 2013 in my database (take that, NSA), and looking through them mine from last week was the highest. Only one other team (Chicago Fire in 2014 week 19) ever had seven exact scores.

And you're right ... since 2013 the most you ever had was three; 3 times in 2014.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 6/8 21:44 ET
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Brew City had another fine showing in week 14. Four teams made it into the top twenty-five for the week. Our best result came from The Laws of Lalas with 35 points, landing in 3rd place. The other high-scoring teams were Grass Pitch Please (34/4), Phoenix TS (31/7), and Shaolin Mystigods (30/11). In the Division ADPR standing, Brew City claims the top spot again with 32 points, four more than our nearest rivals AAPL.

We placed three teams in the top twenty-five in prediction points. Leading the way was C.C. United with 28 points, good for third place overall. The other two were Castle Hill Comets and BigGame Games (both with 23/15). As a division we remain in second place in the ADPR point ranking with 24 points, three behind US National Team.

Our division leader for fantasy points is Phoenix TS. PTS has a forty-one point lead over Redneck SC. Phoenix is in second place in all of MFLS, twenty-three points behind the leader. The prediction point lead is held by BigGame James with 287 points, just one more than LOL. BGJ is in sixth place overall.