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Forums : Brew City FA Thread : Annual Drive to Recruit New Managers for Drafted Fantasy Soccer
    [thread started by Aviators on Mon 7/13 0:13 ET]
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from Aviators
on Mon 7/13 0:13 ET
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Fellow BCFA Managers,

This is my annual call to recruit new managers to join our All Rocks Drafted Leagues for the 2015-16 English Premier League season.

We use the Fantasy.premierleague.com fantasy soccer game as our host. We organize into 4 leagues of 8 teams each and then hold drafts for each league. We have promotion and relegation among the leagues at the end of each season and lots of inter and intra league competitions.

Go to this link at BigSoccer.com to express interest in joining us this year. At the moment we have room for 5-6 new managers. Check out our Sticky Threads at the top of the BigSoccer.com Games and Fantasy Thread to learn more of what we do and how we do it.

Only serious managers need apply. We're looking for managers who commit to staying active the entire 38 Game Week EPL Season from Aug to May.

from Aviators
on Sat 7/18 6:42 ET
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If you've been considering joining us for this season's All Rocks drafted leagues, HURRY, we only have room for one more manager.

Go to the following link to post your interest.


Hurry, the drafts will start within the week.
from Glorydaze
on Sat 7/18 18:29 ET
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Just wanted to add my two cents that I took Hal up on this offer eight years ago and have enjoyed every year of it. It is an excellent draft league in a well run game with a core of great managers.
from Aviators
on Mon 7/20 0:53 ET
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Appleton Aarhus, send me your contact info and Team Name and then the Dust League draft can get started.
from Aviators
on Tue 7/21 10:03 ET
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Jeffrey, Manager of Appleton Aahrus

Check in at BigSoccer.com and share your contact info so we can get the Dust League draft organized and started in a day or two.