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    [thread started by Mohawks on Fri 2/20 9:08 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sat 3/7 22:16 ET
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Kudos to whoever captained Jozy today. Glad he broke out today.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Wed 4/29 21:37 ET
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as of tonight, i am officially closer to a title in mlssoccer.com (27th out of 28,578) than i am in MFLS (35th out of 438). if there was any doubt which league features the best fantasy players, i think that statistic says it all.
from Mohawks
on Wed 4/29 21:38 ET
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Clearly MFLS all the way for quality. I will say that I'm enjoying
MLS's game this year though. Still not my #1 but it's good
from Seattle SC
on Wed 4/29 22:42 ET
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MLS game exists for traitors and people who aren't qualified to play MFLS.
from Castle Hill Comets
on Thu 4/30 8:47 ET
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99% of the MLS players are Galarcep Groupies, creating a
team, then losing all interest the rest of the season ...
from Hounds FC
on Thu 4/30 10:26 ET
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I just can't bring myself to taking the official MLS game seriously. It reminds me of playing the stock market with all the fluctuating prices. Buy low, sell high. It seems to be more about that, then the actual soccer being played. And too many of the point scoring stats are subjective. I just can't play it.

I have tried it, but I just don't like it. Plus, there is no real community and no real division for anyone. Oh, you aren't doing well in your division. That is ok, just join fifteen more divisions and you will eventually find one you can compete in. That is the biggest joke to me.

I like MFLS. One team and one division, that is the way it should be.
from Castle Hill Comets
on Thu 4/30 10:39 ET
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... aaaaand, you can't buy more "trades" like a lot of fantasy
leagues. In other words, you can't buy success like Chel$ki ...
from Mohawks
on Thu 4/30 11:42 ET
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I love MFLS just as much as anyone here, and have been
around for a long time now, and I don't understand the hate of
MLS's fantasy game anymore. Was it a crap game years ago?
Clearly. It was terrible. It's improved a lot of the past years.

"Buying trades" - by using points you mean? I don't call that a
buy necessarily. I wish they didn't allow that but you do take a
hit by doing it. It's rarely useful IMO. You just need a different

Stock market - how is this different than MFLS? Transfer fees
fluctuate based on ownership here, and everyone watches
them and pays them to pocket slush. MLS's game fluctuates
based on player performance, and I don't really see any issue
with that. That's better than based on ownership or watching
trends in the market.

Subjective scores - that's debatable nowadays. They have a
clear system outlined and the bonuses come with having
certain amounts of crosses, clearances, etc. Can there be bias
on whether or not a play was a big scoring chance, sure, but
does that kill the game, no.

MLS game is really missing the community feel. Division wise
you can still create "AAPL" there and give out the code. Then
just host a separate forum. I guarantee there will be forums for
it eventually as it grows.

Perks of MLS Fantasy:
-No foreign player restrictions
-More accurate pricing of players IMHO
-No +/- so players aren't rewarding or punished for things out
of control. This helps with creating diverse rosters since
players in bad teams can still score points based on individual
-Looks nicer, has player updates tied in on the game, etc.

Sorry for being a long post and I don't want to come off wrong,
but the MLS game is growing and adapting. We don't need to
hate it and feel superior to it just because they are larger and
the official game. I love MFLS and will always play with this
community, but I can enjoy the MLS game as well and try to
win over there.
from Castle Hill Comets
on Thu 4/30 19:04 ET
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The whole point of most games, of whatever type, online or off,
is using psychology in the game design to get users to buy
upgrades of one type or another. Really, not much different than
a slot machine. Basically, hook users on digital heroin. Especially
competitive users, who have the disposable cash, can buy their
way to success against less competitive / wealthy opponents.
Sports games are no different. And many fantasy games allow
more "trades" -- however you choose to define that -- if the
player spends more money.

It's "Cracked", but the points made are legitimate:
from Mohawks
on Thu 4/30 19:47 ET
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That's true, but MLS doesn't do that
from The Laws of Lalas
on Fri 5/1 13:19 ET
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i second Mohawks sentiments. and just because we also play
@ MLS does not make us traitors. now, Gordo - who left us to
play MLS exclusively - is the Benedict Arnold of MFLS.
from Cánicas AC
on Sat 5/2 19:27 ET
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Gordo is way worse than Benedict Arnold, Randall. He is at least the
Jaromír Jágr or Luis Figo of MFLS.

Regarding the MLS game, I hope they keep improving it and, if you
enjoy it, it would be silly not playing. In my particular case they'll
have to improve it a lot and I'll have to hear you guys rambling on
how good it is every week for at least a couple of years, as I stopped
trying to play it after a couple of seasons in which they really bored
and frustrated me. It is like dropping the mac and going back to
Windows: after Vista, to get me back they'd have to come up with
an OS that buys me flowers and takes me out for dinner at least
once a week.
from rancho chevron fc
on Mon 10/19 14:08 ET
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Can't say that i enjoy the new site mash-up @
mlssoccer.com . couldn't even find a link to the
fantasy soccer manager without doing a search. UUGH

Just give me the news Greg Lalas intern and what was
wrong with the site prior to this
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 10/19 14:16 ET
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I agree rancho, the new mls site puts even greater
emphasis on apps and videos. I guess fewer folks
have the attention span to read anymore (beyond 40
from Seattle SC
on Mon 10/19 14:40 ET
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Yup, it's set up for the dumbed down generation. Have to make a bunch of unnecessary clicks and spend time searching just for the basic MLS news - that should be front page stuff.

Though no different from anything else, I used to complain when NFL dot com stopped showing player transactions on the front page and instead filled up the front page with who Tom Brady was dating . . .

That's the kind of stuff that interests society, sucks for us actual sports fans.

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