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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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Forums : Plattsburgh Association Thread : Week 1 recap
    [thread started by Plattsburgh United on Mon 3/9 17:42 ET]
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from Plattsburgh United
on Mon 3/9 17:42 ET
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Week 1 off with a bang.
Hota on top with Rob Smarz (Potsdam) at the helm,
2nd the Warriors with John Van Pelt (plattsburgh)
3rd John Knight (free agent)
4th Beekmantown Ryan Waterbury (free agent)
5th Plattsburgh U Chris Waterbury (Plattsburgh)

Notables Faber (Adam Parker)(potsdam) 0 points and 17th place

Als Pals Parkers smarter brother 10 points

Moyes the only Canton rep middle of the pack

North country United coached by Andrew Knight gets clobbered by more knowledgeable father 38-18
from Hota Bavarians
on Tue 3/10 18:50 ET
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Oh yea baby! Might as well celebrate, who knows how long it will