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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 3/16 9:08 ET]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/16 9:08 ET
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Week 3 Matches
Friday, Mar 20
PHI - DAL 7 pm ET
Saturday, Mar 21
NER - MON 3 pm ET
COL - NYC 4 pm ET
ORL - VAN 7:30 pm ET
SKC - POR 8:30 pm ET
LAG - HOU 10:30 pm ET
Sunday, Mar 22
RNY - DCU 5 pm ET
SJE - CHI 7 pm ET

Four teams idle this week. Next week many players
will be gone to play for their national teams.

Here are the 10 players whose fee rose the most
over the last week:

Villarreal, Jose
Mears, Tyrone
Barnes, Giles
Hernandez, Moises
Schuler, Chris
Seitz, Chris
Findley, Robbie
Sarkodie, Kofi
Cheyrou, Benoit
Opara, Ike

Here are the 10 players whose fee decreased the
most over the last week (in order from smallest to
largest. Birnbaum decreased the most at 41):

Franklin, Sean
Hamid, Bill
DeLeon, Nick
Kemp, Taylor
Boswell, Bobby
Piatti, Ignacio
Kitchen, Perry
Collin, Aurélien
Kennedy, Dan
Birnbaum, Steve
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/16 9:29 ET
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This could be a good time to pick up DC players.
Their fees all seemed to take a hit this last week.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/16 17:57 ET
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Yes, and there is some payback to see about in
Harrison NJ
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/16 19:01 ET
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Gotta love the rivalry matchups
from Stormin Union
on Tue 3/17 21:29 ET
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Chance of snow in philly this Friday, what is this Alaska?
from Stormin Union
on Tue 3/17 21:34 ET
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Luis, that groundhog who lives in your half of the state keeps
predicting long winters and it's really getting old.
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/18 14:07 ET
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Norm, my often voiced and very negative opinion of Punxsutawney
Phil is well known in this area. I have been proposing for years to
have that rectal orifice becoming the next hamburger challenge at
Clearfield's Denny's Beer. Particularly as he systematically predicts
another long winter when we are buried in the snow. Not a nice

(Incidentally I first discovered Denny's accidentally, precisely while
looking for somewhere - with food and beer - to stop in the middle
of a very nasty blizzard)
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/18 14:32 ET
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And now, time for the first episode of the new season of "Cánicas
completely erroneous predictions." (insert your sponsorship

PHI - DAL: Tough one. Dallas has only got one goal (and not
many chances against in two games). My main concern would be
the three goals that Philly got last weekend, but I like their
attack. So I predict that Dallas will regress to the mean in their
defense and a high-scoring issue that can go either way. Call me
crazy, but if things go that way, I give a slight edge to Philly.

NER - MON: Ngyen is back, NER has much more talent than that
and, come on, a team coached by Jay Heaps cannot have
forgotten how to defend. NER 2-0.

COL - NYC: You know I like what Colorado have been doing
these past few years: building slowly but surely. Still, after the
defense changes they still need to gel. Probably as much an
"expansion team" in that sense as NYC, and I really liked what I
saw from the latter in the first two games. Villa and Kreis? NYC
wins this one easy.

ORL - VAN: Oh boy. I think Orlando will be better away than
home, and Vancouver is a tough, very conservative cookie away,
but if there is a good chance of getting the first win home, it will
not be much better than this one.

SKC - POR: I like POR, but you know SKC will eventually get
their... ehr... sheep together. They will win this one, but will not
be easy.

LAG - HOU: Houston are in the middle of one of their usual slow
starts, and LA, even without LD, are IMHO an improved version
of themselves. Clean sheet and clear win for LA.

RNY - DCU: DCU, of course. Not the slightest of doubts for this

SJE - CHI: The last couple of years I kept having the same
impression about SJE that I had about Columbus before their
championship in Schelotto's times: that roster can do way better
than that. They may be back this season. But, specially, I think
Chicago may become that team that make anybody playing
against them look like the six-titles-in-a-year Barcelona. SJE
scores a bunch.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Wed 3/18 15:01 ET
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My goodness, did you have to sign a medical waiver
to get into Denny's Beer Barrel???
But they serve Bell's and Great Lakes on tap, so
what time is good?
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Wed 3/18 16:21 ET
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We can get Bell's and Great Lakes here Dave, no need to travel.
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/18 16:43 ET
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Great Lakes??? I cannot believe you have brought a Cleveland beer
into the conversation. What's wrong with you two? Didn't you see
Yuengling in the menu?
from Stormin Union
on Wed 3/18 20:40 ET
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Bell's is an awesome brewery, most of my favorites are local
(Yards, Troegs, Victory, DFH) but the one exception is Bell's.
Their Oberon ale is great and also think their porter is one of
the best out there. Since the winter is apparently continuing for
a few more months in philly (as Luis mentioned, the curse of
the groundhog, apparently he is a feisty one too since I heard
that he bit his handler after giving the most recent prediction)
I'm delaying getting spring beers and sticking with stouts and
porters for now until spring arrives in July.
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Thu 3/19 15:06 ET
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I still don't think Hopslam is worth the money they charge for a six pack.

Great Lakes beers are far superior to Yuengling, which in turn is far better than other mass-market American lagers.
from Stormin Union
on Fri 3/20 7:39 ET
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No snow so far today in philly but some expected later this
morning, hopefully it won't interfere with the game tonight but
planning to be there.
from Weirder Bremen
on Fri 3/20 8:59 ET
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Go Steelers!

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