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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 9/7 8:11 ET]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 9/7 8:11 ET
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Week 28 Matches
Wednesday, Sep 9
VAN - COL 10 pm ET
POR - SKC 10:30 pm ET
Friday, Sep 11
RNY - CHI 7 pm ET
Saturday, Sep 12
PHI - CMB 7 pm ET
HOU - RSL 8:30 pm ET
DAL - NYC 8:30 pm ET
COL - DCU 9 pm ET
SJE - SEA 10:30 pm ET
LAG - MON 10:30 pm ET
Sunday, Sep 13
TOR - NER 5 pm ET
ORL - SKC 7 pm ET

Back to a more normal schedule this week.
Colorado and KC have two games, the rest 1. USA
vs Brazil friendly Tues 8 pm central from NE.
Dempsey is staying home to recover further from
his hamstring injury. Any opinions on USA-Peru
last Fri? Drogba's fee is at 9 this morning.
That could change if he gets a few more hat
tricks. I'm curious to see how SJ plays without
Bernardez but with all the Nat team players who
were gone. Seattle might try to exploit JJ
Koval in the back line. Comments? Share your
thoughts below.
from Seattle SC
on Mon 9/7 14:04 ET
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Prediction: Winner of SJ-SEA ends up making the playoffs. If they tie, Seattle gets the spot.
from Mohawks
on Tue 9/8 9:08 ET
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Ives just viewed my LinkedIn profile. I've finally made it in life
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 9/8 21:15 ET
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Hulk scores for Brazil. What's his first name?

from Carnival FC
on Tue 9/8 21:50 ET
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from Stormin Union
on Tue 9/8 22:17 ET
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Klinsmann doesn't have a clue what he is doing. For god's
sake bring back Howard vs Mexico (Guzan is light years away
from Howard in my opinion). This game looks like a
continuation of the pathetic gold cup where I wasted money
watching the USMNT get embarrassed in the 3rd place match.
This team has no identity with a clueless coach at the helm.
Excuse my ranting but this is unacceptable to a die-hard
USMNT fan that has been following the team since 1994.
from Carnival FC
on Tue 9/8 22:24 ET
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"He's got pace and he's got promise but he's still quite raw..."

Well, I hate to say this but the guy that is raw was probably
our best player tonight.
from Carnival FC
on Tue 9/8 23:20 ET
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Whenever I watch a beat down like Brazil put on us, I often
wonder how the result may be different if the NFL, MLB, and
NBA took a back seat to soccer in our country...
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Wed 9/9 0:16 ET
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I often wonder why people think Tim Ream is an acceptable candidate for national team duty. I have never wondered whether or not he would be an acceptable left back in an international match. The slowest player on the field should never be your left back at this level. This could have easily been an 8 or 9-1 scoreline. I've kept an open mind about Der Klinsy, but I've about lost my patience for it. Tim Ream at left back is pretty damn close to a fire-able offense in my eyes.
from Carnival FC
on Wed 9/9 0:51 ET
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Norm, thought you would enjoy this read, or anyone for that


"A good carpenter doesn't blame his tools and a good coach
doesn't blame his players. Especially when he's using a
hacksaw to pound a nail.."

-in reference to Klinsman's comment about Bedoya not
getting into rythm. according to Bedoya, he has never played
that position professionally until tonight

and Jurgen played Ream at left back?
from Stormin Union
on Wed 9/9 7:43 ET
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Exactly, over-tinkering and playing players out of position is a
definite sign that he doesn't know what he is doing. He is
doing exactly what Nowak did in philly when he ran the team
into the ground and then was fired. Ego is the main problem
with these type of coaches, they convince themselves that
they know what they are doing even though everything is
falling apart around them due to their wrong decisions.
from Carnival FC
on Wed 9/9 12:44 ET
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It baffles me why a coach would tinker when going up against
a team like Brazil.

That is when you take your best players and put them in their
best positions to see where you stand...
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Wed 9/9 13:48 ET
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Yes he played the slowest player (including the goalkeepers) on the field at left back.
from Arrows SC
on Wed 9/9 20:41 ET
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I had a school function to go to and missed the
first part of the game. I watched about twenty
minutes from 2-0 to 4-0 and couldn't take it
anymore. We looked horribly amateurish. What a
from Seattle SC
on Thu 9/10 0:48 ET
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Off to a good start this week, hopefully heading back into the Top 25 (I'm 26th, worst I've been in months) ...

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