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    [thread started by Phoenix TS on Thu 10/22 18:15 ET]
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from Phoenix TS
on Thu 10/22 18:15 ET
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Dear Mr. Gulati

Dear Mr. Gulati. Iíve seen on the internet that you have come under a lot of scrutiny over the last few weeks. I wanted to take time to thank you for your contributions to core American values. As a proud Alabama native (ROLL TIDE) I have long been worried about the influence that soccer has had in holding back American football and would like to thank you for the steps you have taken to rectify the situation. I feel I am in a unique position to understand the issues as my pansy brother-in-law is a soccer coach and prattles on constantly about the importance of US Soccer and though he does not agree with anything you are doing, I want to thank you for your vision. Your moves and decisions in recent years have done a great job in maintaining the status quo in our county and helping to ensure a future where interest in soccer in the United States will dwindle for the first time in three decades.
As with anything you need to start at the top. You have done a great job by hiring a coach who not only is unable to connect with the fan base and his constituency, but is willing to go the extra step and publicly insult them at every given opportunity. I have a story of your success I would like to share. My brother-in-law recently received his ďA Coaching LicenseĒ and was so proud of having that piece of paper with this Klinsmannís name on it, until the next day when Klinsmann came out and explained how poor all coaching was in the United States. As I said I watch A LOT of college football (ROLL TIDE) and am always scared to play a team whose coach can rally the boosters, students and alumni through tough seasons. Iím glad to see that wasnít the case in this regard.
I also love his strategy of bringing in Germans to compete for the US team. We both know Americans should not be playing soccer anyway. We need to be watching and playing real football. I know that you helped out in my household when my kids wanted to come home and play soccer and I was able to explain to them that they wouldnít really be considered for the National Team since we donít speak German in Alabama. Iím happy to report that I have them in the kitchen eating their second steak dinner of the night. Alabama class off 2024 (Roll Tide). I also want to thank you for changing the youth structure of soccer in this country. For years and years all these kids have enjoyed going out onto the field and playing with their friends that they go to school with in their same grade. You made it downright easy for God fearing true Americans like me to talk their kids out of playing the sport since they didnít want to be playing the with the kids from the other grades. For far too many years I have been worried by the growing number of soccer goals I have seen popping up around the country and would like to thank you for addressing this problem. Maybe with you soccer numbers down parents will forget about this concussion problem we have and get back to real football. (ROLL TIDE)
Lastly Iíd like to thank the US coach for his continued accurate bashing of this ďMajor League Soccer.Ē This Klinsmann guy and I are 100% in agreement on this issue. (Itís ironic that it took the sport of soccer to make me agree with a German) If our kids want to play professional soccer they shouldnít do it here. They can just go to Europe and play. I come home after a hard dayís work in June and turn on Sports Center and I do not want to see soccer. I want to see how the Tideís summer break is going and see coverage of the SECís pre-pre-pre- season coverage. This cannot happen with all these soccer highlights on TV. We hired a German as our coach. We do not know what we are doing with this sport. By having a successful professional league we are just giving our kids the wrong idea about what their future could be. Every kid that dreams of playing in Major League Soccer is another potential Alabama recruit/fan down the drain. Thank you for taking steps to dismantle this league. I too was worried when they hit their 10 and 15 year mark. We cannot let this continue. Iím glad to see that US Soccer is taking drastic steps to stop the continued existence of the league from the top down. Itís a dirty business but we have to have the right priorities.
Thank you for all youíre doing. I could continue on but I drone on. Those are some of the big issues but it is in the unnamed details that you subtly promote our agenda of traditional American sports. My pansy brother-in-law made me watch the game against Mexico last weekend and I was heartened to recognize so many names from the last national team game he made me watch 8 years ago. This shows that you are doing your job by ensuring we donít produce more players and this whole soccer experiment doesnít work. My brother-in-law tells me that you gave the womenís coach who barely won this world cup thing with the most talented players in the world another 4 years. I do not think this is a bad idea. In truth I donít mind those pretty ladies running around in short shorts every 4 years. I donít think theyíd make proper Cheerleaders anyway. For all these little details and the big picture that you are taking care of I thank you.

from Seattle SC
on Thu 10/22 18:32 ET
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from Arrows SC
on Thu 10/22 21:29 ET
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from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 10/22 22:58 ET
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Fri 10/23 11:23 ET
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Please tell me you actually mailed this to Dr. Gulati. Please.
from Dynamo Salem
on Fri 10/23 13:51 ET
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Well done.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sat 10/24 8:40 ET
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your kids only have two steak dinners a night? here in
Birmingham they are required to have three.
from Phoenix TS
on Mon 10/26 15:28 ET
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Thank for the comments guys. Let me make it clear that my intention wasn't to tweak any noses outside of the USSF. I spent a lovely summer years ago traveling Alabama and coaching soccer and found the people to be nothing but receptive. I simply chose the biggest baddest football program around and had fun with it. Enjoy your off-season