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    [thread started by KNIGHTMARE on Tue 10/6 19:15 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Stormin Union
on Sat 10/10 21:55 ET
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Knightmare needs to work his voodoo powers on el tri, not
sure where he is in the stadium but he probably has a chicarito
doll with many needles in it.
from Stormin Union
on Sat 10/10 21:55 ET
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from Stormin Union
on Sat 10/10 22:03 ET
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Almost made the mistake of having an Octoberfest beer
watching this game. Screw that, instead grabbed a Bell's beer,
American baby, American!
from Arrows SC
on Sat 10/10 23:34 ET
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The US got away with that handball in the box.
from Stormin Union
on Sat 10/10 23:38 ET
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Gonna be a wild finish to this one. C'mon Jozy, let's send el tri
from Stormin Union
on Sat 10/10 23:57 ET
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from Stormin Union
on Sun 10/11 0:18 ET
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Nothing worse than losing to Mexico, total bummer.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sun 10/11 0:38 ET
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we were outplayed and they were not even that sharp.
from Stormin Union
on Sun 10/11 1:06 ET
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agree, we were definitely outplayed. man I am missing the
Arena/Bradley days and now WC qualifying looks like it will be
a tough road. I think we will get there but it will be a struggle
for us, even more than last time. But the U23s and senior team
have to overcome the lousy coaching and still make it happen,
not making it to the Olympics and World Cup is unacceptable.
from Dynamo Salem
on Sun 10/11 1:30 ET
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I prefer Arena and Bradley.
from Stormin Union
on Sun 10/11 8:41 ET
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We also can't afford to end our streak of seven consecutive
World Cup finals appearances, Klinsmann better get his #@*!
together in the next month.
on Sun 10/11 17:22 ET
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Sitting in the nosebleed section with green shirts all around.
I thought the U.S. Was lucky to be that close, but from what I
am reading we played well? I didn't think so.
Had this match been in Mexico it would have been a
bloodbath, with us supplying the blood. Tough to watch, had to
get out before the presentation. Got a photo with M. balboa the
night before the match at the A.O. Party. That was cool.
I don't understand some of the guys on the field. Beckerman,
Beasley, and why was Evans even on the team? I am
obviously way off base.
At age 53 only got into 1 huge stare down, until the guy did the
throat slash symbol and pointed at me during the 1st half. It
made the family in front of me shift down about 5 seats! Ha.
Klinsman says he is not here to be liked. Well I always thought
that if you win you are liked, so I have no idea what he is
saying? Only soccer joy for the day was Rhinos win and host
Championship Friday night at home. Thank god Klinsey isn't
involved with that team!!
Thanks again for the help.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sun 10/11 18:04 ET
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Kyle Beckerman isn't the 10th best d-mid in the US pool. He's probably not even the 10th best d-mid in MLS and his constant inclusion. I do find it interesting that the KB fanboys out there bemoan Klinsmann's 'over-reliance' on fast and physical players when Beckerman gets constant run out and is neither of those things. They also never cast in any of the richly deserved shade his way. It's always another player's fault for 'not rotating' or 'being out of position' and that if only, they had Beckerman's 'positional discipline'.

Well, you know what that 'positional discipline' actually is? It's lack of speed, lack of quickness, and lack of reaction time (hello goal #3). Sure Beasley took a risk on that ball, but without an entirely inept reaction by Beckerman on that ball (I swear he must be stoned out there), Aguilar doesn't even get that shot off. If we're going to play with a 'pure d-mid', whoever that is, must actually help the defense more than he hurts it. The fact that Danny Williams hasn't retired Beckerman;let alone McCarty, Kitchen, or really, any number of guys who don't even get mentioned as national team candidates, is what infuriates me. When I saw KB in the XI as I walked into the Rose Bowl last night, I knew we were going to lose. After a long train to and from Pasadena, if you want to fire Klinsmann for that fact alone, I'm on board.

Aside from that, eh, we're net no better or no worse than we were with Bradley or Arena. Pick a side, and they're data points to make your case for either side, neither of which particularly sway me one way or the other. Regardless, Gulati's status is what's really up for review after all of this. He negotiated Klinsmann's contract and gave him a lot of power within the organization. Ultimately, Gulati is the one the buck stops with because we're married to JK at this point. If it truly marks a step back, then that's the guy you need to go after with torches.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 10/12 10:18 ET
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Good points Jeff and Ben, and just have one last comment
about the JK situation. From now on the USSF should focus
on bringing in US coaches to run the USMNT. The foreign
coach experiment has failed and we need to accept this and
move on. Unfortunately JK looks like he will be coach through
2018 so we're stuck with him for now but at least we can get
back on track with an American coach next time around. Not
trying to sound against foreigners (which I'm obviously not
since I have Irish and Cuban heritage) but Arena and Bradley
understood the US team and JK does not. Our most
successful USMNT coaches have been American and we
need to get back to that once JK is no longer our coach. Just
my opinion as a US fan who wants to see us move forward
after the step backward that has happened this year.
on Sat 10/17 0:43 ET
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Get home after watching a Knightmare of a match vs Mexico.
Totally crushed!
93,000+ Played in 100 degree heat.
Rochester Rhinos play 34 matches this year and lose only
(ironically) LA in 40 degree weather and rain. In front of 5000+
Down 1- nil, Rochester ties it up in the 90th minute and scores
the game winner with 250 seconds remaining in extra time.
My heart is with the U.S. Team, but My soul is for
That's CHAMPIONSHIP number 5 of 7 in 20 years, and oh by
the way throw in a U.S. OPEN CUP win and a runner up.
What Team in the US can say that?
Thank God Klinsman doesn't coach the Rhinos!

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