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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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    [thread started by SDFC Macross on Sat 2/21 13:19 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from SDFC Macross
on Sat 2/21 13:19 ET
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The Champions League and the Cup Winners Cup are the two most prestigious competitions in Major Fantasy League Soccer (MFLS). The Champions League was founded in 1997 and has consistently been comprised of the top teams from the top divisions in MFLS. The Cup Winners Cup was founded in 1999 and is a competition for the winners of the top division's own tournaments and a few winners of interdivisional tournaments. Both tournaments have become MFLS tradition, and despite switching websites and commissioners, the tournaments have stayed intact.

Champions League

*Only the commissioner of a division will be allowed to sign their division up. If you are not the commissioner, but you want your division to participate in the CL, then contact him/her and have him/her sign up in the forum.
*In order for a division to participate it must have 8 or more teams participating in its division, and in order to avoid any controversy, I will make no exceptions to the rule. Eight teams minimum and there is no maximum.
*Deadline for registering a division or cup for the CL or CWC – TO BE ANNOUNCED IN THIS THREAD.

--- Game week for CL qualification ---

CL berths lock in at the end of week 20

Group Stage - 21, 22, 23
Round of 16 - 24, 25
Quarter-Finals - 26, 28
Semi-Finals – 29, 30
Final - 31


The deadline for registration is unspecified at present and will be announced later when the Silversmiths commissioner chooses a deadline.

Note that registration for CL and CWC is now separate. This is the CL Registration thread.

from Arrows SC
on Sat 2/21 15:38 ET
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I am the division manager for Brew City FA, a division of more than eight teams. Brew City FA requests permission to participate in the Champions League 2015 season.
from Hounds FC
on Sat 2/21 23:58 ET
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The All American Premier League (AAPL) is ready to participate in the Champion's League. Sign us up!
from Port City Navigators
on Sun 2/22 11:46 ET
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DoGS will be ready to go!
from rancho chevron fc
on Mon 2/23 0:30 ET
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Trojan League sending in the Wooden Horse.:)
Unite & Attack!!
from Locomotive Baltimore
on Fri 2/27 14:58 ET
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The Black & The Red FA returns for more
degradation (both competitions)
from 1 FC Red Devils
on Mon 3/2 12:37 ET
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The Casbah Division is back and ready for Champions

from El fútbol es así
on Fri 3/6 14:33 ET
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"La Armada Invencible" tries to do it better this
year in Champions League too...
from SDFC Macross
on Fri 3/6 18:00 ET
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The deadline to register will be March 20th at the deadline for week three.
from SDFC Macross
on Fri 3/20 11:34 ET
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Registering USA vs World for the CL

I'm extending the CL registration deadline to the
deadline for MFLS Week Four.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 3/25 16:03 ET
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All American Premier League added to CL

Brew City FA added to CL

Casbah added to CL

Division of Great Significance added to CL

La Armada Invencible added to CL

The Black & The Red FA added to CL

Trojan League added to CL

USA vs World added to CL

I'm keeping the deadline open until Saturday as I said I would, but I'm not expecting any more entries. RevMFLS is the only division from last season not on this list, and they are playing the official MLS game this season.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 4/1 16:54 ET
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CL registration is now closed as of last Saturday.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 7/15 11:35 ET
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This is the final weekend before the teams in the Champions' League are locked in. Like I have said previously, if you're already in the top 25, you're probably going to make it in. If you are not already in the top 50, you probably aren't.

I choose a starting date that does not have any midweek games. However, I have a real life commitment this year that requires me to make the brackets in the middle of next week, so any MFLS corrections that do not occur early in the week may result in teams not getting the correct seed or may result in teams getting left out.