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    [thread started by Stormin Union on Wed 5/27 18:20 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Arrows SC
on Wed 7/1 21:29 ET
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I think Duval just broke his leg in a collision.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/1 21:34 ET
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That sucks, Duvall is a good defender and can score also.
from Seattle SC
on Thu 7/2 2:57 ET
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So much for another USOC Final appearance by the Timbers . . .
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 7/21 18:52 ET
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Congrats to Union Nation. Sounds like GK McCarthy
was a stud to take out NJ in the PKs.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/22 7:25 ET
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Thanks David, it was another nail biter but we grinded out
another win. Two more games to go, the key is to get a red
card and give up a goal then play to tie and then win in PKs.
That's our winning formula and McCarthy is putting this team
on his back to get us our first ever trophy after six years. We
have a golden opportunity this year and philly needs to do it.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 7/22 8:00 ET
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Winning the Open Cup would make the Union's trophy
case bigger than RNY, wouldn't it?
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/22 9:00 ET
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from Seattle SC
on Wed 7/22 10:48 ET
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It would tie them, with each having one. Unless you don't count the Supporters Shield?

Plus of course NJ largely won the shield due to being in the perennially weak eastern conference - but they won it so it counts.

Personally I rate the shield above the USOC, if we're talking tiebreaker on what's more important. Though that's just me, I also think the USOC is more legitimate than the MLS Cup also, so ...
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/22 11:06 ET
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I would rank the USOC and MLS Cup equally and the
Supporters Shield just below those two, mostly because the
first two require a team to go through a tournament system to
win it. I think the USOC is very undervalued and it is a shame
since it is one of the best sports tournaments we have here.
The FA Cup is huge in England but our version is overlooked,
just doesn't make sense but it shows we have a long way to go
to get soccer into the main sports picture in the U.S. I also
can't stand when teams bring their second teams to play in the
tournament and always root for the teams that bring their main
squad in respect to this great tournament. The win yesterday
was a very tough one and credit RBNJ for bringing their main
squad even though they play Chelsea today, they took it
seriously which is the way it should be.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/22 11:34 ET
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Also is why last year's final was a great one, two teams who
always played their main squad and went all out to win it. My
final prediction for this year is PHI-SKC and no big surprise
here, philly wins in PKs.
from Seattle SC
on Wed 7/22 13:47 ET
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The Supporters Shield is the only one that is based on performance over an entire season (34 games), which unbalanced schedule aside (how NJ won), it shows the team(s) deserving of being recognized as best.

The USOC is a tournament as you correctly said. It's our national championship. The thing I like about it is that it shows what teams are serious about winning. (Note: That's how I so easily won the MFLS USOC Prediction contest one year, I simply picked the teams that historically take the USOC serious) ... A true knockout tournament, unlike ...

MLS Cup isn't a tournament, it's 'playoffs' (there's a difference albeit minor) ... It wants to be the "Super Bowl" of MLS. Except it isn't, at all. For one it's literally harder to MISS the playoffs than to make them, making qualification for the thing not any sort of accomplishment. Then you have the fact that there's no home field advantage since there's two legs (minus the final) and along with that seeding is irrelevant.

I just think about 2010:
Supporters Shield: LA, were obviously the best team in the league and proved it.

USOC: Seattle, one of the top teams in the league - along with Columbus who they played in the final.

MLS Cup: Colorado . . . average at best, yet they're in the books as the MLS Champions. That's fine, they won it so congrats to them. It just shows the pecking order of our 3 domestic 'championships', to me.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Wed 7/22 17:19 ET
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stupid Colorado wins it's first MLS Cup and then
promptly sent coach Gary Smith packing. Rapids have
mostly sucked ever since. Gary is coaching Atlanta
Silverbacks now, currently 5th with a game in hand.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 7/22 18:10 ET
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Never understood that either David, the Colorado front office
might be worse than what we're dealing with in philly. Good
points Matt and I think your prediction is looking good, the
USOC is everything for the Union this season and we're not
going to let it go.
from Seattle SC
on Wed 7/22 18:37 ET
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Rapids definitely blew it with Smith. I thought it was mutual though, or at least I'm remembering he wasn't happy with Colorado?

Either way, seems like he would be on the shortlist of managers for MLS teams to consider.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Fri 9/25 22:18 ET
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2015 US Open Cup final will be broadcast on ESPN2 and Univision Deportes

Norm, wear a neon purple Sideshow Bob haircut so we can spot you.

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