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    [thread started by Plattsburgh United on Sat 5/9 19:25 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Plattsburgh United
on Sat 5/9 19:25 ET
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Although I am a New Yorker, proximity has turned me into a
die hard Montreal Impact fan. Faithful fan and border on
optimism to a fault. With that said I can't help but question the
magical run in the CONCACAF champions league. It was
magical and gave me something to cheer for. Bottom line is
that Montreal was literally the doormat of the league inheriting
the mediocrity Chivas left behind. I just can't get excited about
this competition.

If it was not Montreal I don't think I would have watched a
second. Am I wrong in thinking this way? I just have no
respect for this competition. Am I missing the boat or do
people agree?
from Weirder Bremen
on Sat 5/9 20:12 ET
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MLS values the competition highly. It gives the
league more visibility and respect to beat the
Mexican teams in particular. America is a world
class team with a very high payroll. If MtL could
have beaten America they would have gotten to go up
against the best club teams in the world, like
Barcelona or Bayern Munich. It's a big deal. I like
the way MLS changed the schedule around so they
could focus on the competition. It's an advantage
for MLS teams.