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    [thread started by Mohawks on Sun 2/15 10:49 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Mohawks
on Wed 5/6 10:37 ET
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Week of the underdog! Four of the top five teams lost this
week (Arrows had a bye). The top three remain despite the
losses. SDFC Macross moves into the fourth semifinal spot
while Lalas drops down to fifth (tied on points with Red Devils).
Dynamo Silver Spring falls to 7th with the loss.

This week really tightened the race as all the bottom half wok
over top teams. First to last are only separated by ten points
after six weeks (seems large but usually larger than that). With
five weeks to go, no one can be counted out
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Wed 5/6 10:49 ET
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The matchups have not been in my favor this tournament. Got my arse pummeled this week, and saved my best performance for when I was on bye. hoping I can finish strong.
from Mohawks
on Mon 5/11 14:45 ET
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High scoring week this week with most teams scoring 30-40
points. There are only four matches left to play so the race is
tightening up and getting more serious. The top teams came
out with wins this week for the most part. The biggest match of
the week saw the Laws of Lalas defeat SDFC Macross 41-36
to pass into fourth place. At this point it looks like seven teams
will truly be competing for the semi final spots. The bottom four
teams need to win out to make it pretty much.

Good luck next week.
from Arrows SC
on Sun 5/17 7:53 ET
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I am getting clobbered by 1860 Oakland.
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Sun 5/17 8:43 ET
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I was wondering if someone was given the Toronto and SJ results.
from Mohawks
on Mon 5/18 10:46 ET
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Very strange week this week. Mohawks best El futbol es asi to
take over first place. Jorge falls to second. Somehow the Laws
of Lalas and Port Coty are both lucky to get a point after
putting up the two lowest scores of the round. The game
ended 0 to -2. Hounds and DSS played to a 9-10 draw. 1 FC
Red Devils got another win this week over Locomotive
Baltimore. Lastly, 1860 Oakland posted the high score of the
round beating Arrows.

The top four remain the same. There are only three matches
left and even though no one is out yet, the bottom teams need
a lot of help to make it to the semifinals.
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Mon 5/18 10:50 ET
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Bummer, forgot about the bigger draw window in this tournament, could have used those 3 points.
from Mohawks
on Mon 5/18 10:52 ET
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It can be a gift and a curse, that's for sure.
from Mohawks
on Tue 5/26 10:39 ET
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Round 9 is finished. Mohawks clinched the playoffs and likely
the first seed with a 30-0 win over Dynamo Silver Spring. The
Laws of Lalas best El futbol es asi 20-10 to be tied on points
for second. Hounds pulled off a win over Arrows, Oakland
defeated the Red Devils, and SDFC Macross tied with
Locomotive Baltimore.

With two games remaining, Port City Navigators is eliminated
but Locomotive, Hounds, and 1860 Oakland are all likely out
since they are four or more points outside of fourth place.

Mohawks clinched, and both El futbol and Lalas are likely in
with a four point cushion over fifth place. Seems like the next
two weeks really will be a battle for the fourth spot.
from Mohawks
on Mon 6/1 10:45 ET
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A high scoring penultimate match week results in all four
playoff positions being set. Mohawks won against the Laws of
Lalas clinching 1st. Arrows, Lalas, and el futbol es asi all sit on
16 points. The next closest teams are 1860 Oakland and 1 FC
Red Devils with 12 points. With only one match left, everyone
is out of reach.

Lots of parity this year with most teams having 3-5 losses.
Only one playoff team will have 20+ points which has never
happened before. The least amount of points that made the
playoffs in the past (besides 2004) is 16 by Port City in 2011.
Last year all four teams has 20+ points.

Next week will determine playoff seeds.
from SDFC Macross
on Wed 6/3 12:55 ET
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Todd, you're comparing competitions with a
differing number of teams and games. A more
accurate comparison would be one of points per
games played.
from Mohawks
on Wed 6/3 14:57 ET
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I have that info too just not on an individual year basis (I have
teams overall records). Either way this year having three semi
final teams under 20 points is abnormal
from Seattle SC
on Wed 6/3 15:08 ET
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Excellent work on the stats page for the Silversmith's, Todd. Wish we had that info and breakdown for all our major cups in MFLS.

Also, only played in this one year and I'm in the record books, not bad.
from Mohawks
on Wed 6/3 16:16 ET
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Thanks. I have the full list on an excel sheet too. It's easy to do
with this cup since it's typically the same teams. I've been
working through gathering all time head to head records for
each team in silversmiths matchup, but it's tedious and I'm
only halfway. I'll get around to finishing sometime.
from Mohawks
on Mon 6/8 9:38 ET
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Group play is in the books. Mohawks defeated Arrows, Lalas
had a bye, and El futbol es asi won. That puts el futbol es asi
in 2nd overall. Arrows is third over Lalas due to the head to
head tiebreaker.


Mohawks - The Laws of Lalas
El futbol es asi - Arrows SC

Legs are played over week 16 & 17. Good luck!

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