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    [thread started by Cánicas AC on Wed 4/1 12:48 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 4/1 12:48 ET
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Today's El País (Spain's largest and most influential newspaper)
highlights the visit of an MLS Portland fan to Real Oviedo's stadium
and facilities. Sherrilynn Rawson led the effort of a large group of
Timbers fans to buy Real Oviedo shares when the club was in
trouble, two years ago. A Timbers Army shirt is now displayed at
Real Oviedo's museum, and the article describes how all Oviedo
fans applauded Rawson all the way as she walked through the
stadium during last Sunday's game.

So, there is at least a place in Europe where MLS gets respect and is
truly appreciated. It brings some serious cognitive dissonance to
this DC fan, but I can help but rooting for Portland whenever they
are not playing against DC.

from Seattle SC
on Wed 4/1 14:13 ET
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That's pretty cool.
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 4/1 18:50 ET
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Matt, Real Oviedo is planning to issue more shares this summer.
You Seattle fans can still beat the Timbers in this one...
from Castle Hill Comets
on Wed 4/1 20:55 ET
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I four degrees of separation from the (real) guy that got his beat
in the "Casino" cornfield before Joe Pesci. Small world ... :-)