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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 10/19 8:18 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 10/19 8:18 ET
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Week 34 Matches
Wednesday, Oct 21
SKC - COL 8:30 pm ET
Sunday, Oct 25
CHI - RNY 5 pm ET
CMB - DCU 5 pm ET
MON - TOR 5 pm ET
NYC - NER 5 pm ET
PHI - ORL 5 pm ET
SEA - RSL 7 pm ET
VAN - HOU 7 pm ET
DAL - SJE 7 pm ET
POR - COL 7 pm ET
SKC - LAG 7 pm ET

These are the last regular season matches of
the year. Either Dallas or Red Bull will win
the Supporters Shield and home advantage
throughout the playoffs. If Red Bull beats
Chicago then Dallas would have to beat San Jose
by at least seven goals to win the shield.
Several teams in each division are in the
running for second place and a bye in the first
playoff week. Kansas City and Colorado have two
games this week. No idle teams. Share your
comments below.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 10/19 8:20 ET
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Looks like SKC can finish anywhere from seventh
and out of the playoffs to second place in the
from Stanton Park FC
on Mon 10/19 12:07 ET
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I love that MLS has scheduled each conference to play all of its respective games at the same time, a la the last round of group games in the World Cup. It's going to be a crazy Saturday...

Here's hoping DCU can pull off a victory in Columbus to lock up 2d in the Eastern (and 3d overall)...it'll certainly help that neither Kamara nor Higuain will be suiting up.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 10/19 14:19 ET
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Alright Doug, you just made my day! Although it
would be sweeter to beat the Crew with their full,
um, crew.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 10/20 14:31 ET
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should be a great finish to the Fantasy League race too.
Mohawks looked like he had it wrapped up but Phoenix surged
last week to come within striking distance. Talking about two of
the best to never win it all putting it all on the table this week.
also, Eigentor of felsenliga could still strike a blow for the small
divisions too. should be interesting to see who reigns supreme
from Seattle SC
on Tue 10/20 15:07 ET
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My money is on Mohawks. Better story, the kid that grew up with us, now (potentially) champion.

Come a long way since the AIM days, finishing abandoned cups, the AUC, and so on.
from Mohawks
on Tue 10/20 17:49 ET
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Should be quite the finish! Phoenix really tightened the race up
last week. So many question marks this week so I guess just
throw 11 guys out there and hope for the best!

Thanks for the support Matt. Been around here for what, 14
years now? Been fun but a win would be nice!
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 10/20 17:59 ET
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Not necessarily rooting against Todd, but what are
the odds of two brothers winning in consecutive
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Tue 10/20 18:05 ET
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Chicago v. Red Bull has been moved back 2 hours so that it runs concurrently with the FCD v. SJE game. This isn't particularly advantageous for Dallas. In fact, if someone gets hurt who otherwise would have been rested, it'll go down as another disadvantage they had to fight through for silverware (the other being not having an extra 3 games against expansion teams).
from Seattle SC
on Tue 10/20 18:13 ET
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The expansion teams weren't even the worst the East had to offer. That's less free points (like NYR got last week, for example) that FCD didn't get.

That's why I'm rooting for Dallas (and Chicago) Sunday.

I do like that the games will be on at the same time though, high drama, especially if one team or the other needs a late goal.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Tue 10/20 19:01 ET
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On the one hand, New York has the ball, on the other hand it's no guarantee they win, but if they did win by a goal, than that means FCD need to win by 8 unless they managed to tie them in Goals for which would take a minimum of 11. The tiebreaker after Goals For is Disciplinary points. Whatever the hell that means.

So, in conclusion, with a NY 1-0 win, FCD can still take the shield if they either (A) Outscore San Jose by 8, or (B) Win 11-4 and go to the 4th tiebreaker provided Red Cards count as 2 points and Yellow Cards count as 1.

Currently, FCD have one more red card than NY this year, but 13 fewer yellow cards. If for some reason, New York hit a 93rd minute bs PK to win 1-0 in Bridgeview, right as Fabian Castillo was completing his 2nd hat trick of the day to round out the scoring in an 11-4 victory roundly considered the most exciting MLS game ever...all while the Cowboys were getting their ass handed to them by the Giants; man,that would be fun telling Jesse Marsch your team lost the Supporters' Shield because they fouled too much. Sign me up for that gig.
from Mohawks
on Wed 10/21 9:00 ET
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Interesting stats:

Point Totals
-East: 447 points from 330 games(1.35 PPG)
-West: 468 points from 328 games(1.43 PPG)

Head-to-Head for conferences:
-East: 34 wins
-West 44 wins
-22 draws

The head to head is the one that really matters. The point
totals make the East look better than they are since they play
east teams more often.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Wed 10/21 12:08 ET
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i believe the West was much further ahead in the head-to-
head too but the East won like 7 of the last 10.
from Mohawks
on Wed 10/21 12:51 ET
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You are correct
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Wed 10/21 13:22 ET
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Here's a fun fact about MLS Cup- of the last 15 MLS Cup champions, only 2 (Columbus,DCU) are currently in the Eastern Conference. Another fun fact- until Chicago gets their act together, Sporting Spork KC Wiz Wizards are the only team to win the cup as an Eastern Conference team and a Western Conference team. Chicago's lone win was as a Western Conference team (I think), so unless they go on a Cubs like run, Spork won't be the only member of that club forever.

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