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Forums : MFLS Rules and Strategy Forum Thread : Memorial Day Weekend
    [thread started by Stormin Union on Sat 5/23 7:34 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Stormin Union
on Sat 5/23 7:34 ET
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For Memorial Day weekend I wanted to post about my two
uncles who were veterans, both have passed away but always
will be remembered.

Nelson Coyle, USMC Sergeant, awarded Purple Heart, Silver
Star and Bronze Star after the Battle in the Monsoons,Vietnam

Duane Coyle, U.S. Navy, Lieutenant Commander, served 30

RIP uncle Nelson and uncle Duane
from Arrows SC
on Sat 5/23 12:02 ET
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I salute your uncles, and all MFLS veterans. Thanks, Aviators, and all the rest.

I wrote about my great uncle's WW2 experiences, even though he was on the wrong side.

from Stormin Union
on Sat 5/23 15:30 ET
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Thanks Dan and I echo your message in saluting all of the
mfls veterans also.
from Rifinitora Tora Tora
on Tue 5/26 0:23 ET
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A happy and respectful Memorial Day to our
veterans and their families. It has been a
privilege to be among so many great soccer minds
this season - I'm a rookie here - but it means
even more to be reminded of what's most important
in the bigger world.

A humble thanks for including me.

Ken Roth, San Francisco
son of Norm Roth, Fresno, CA, Korea 1952-4