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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 3/23 11:04 ET]
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from Cánicas AC
on Sun 3/29 23:31 ET
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Seattle: I know, John, they were missing lots of people. But I do not
think that excuses that second half. It did not look like people
being rusty or trying to wage the war on their own but, if anything,
as too mechanical, sticking too rigidly to a formation and game
plan that wasn't there anymore. I honestly think that Sigy should
have been gone already last season. There is point when the cycle
of a coach in team is exhausted, when everything is just tweaking
the same old screws to try bringing the machine back to where it
was, and that never works. I think they crossed that threshold quite
a while ago in Seattle. I think it would be the best for both team
and coach (Sigi is good building teams from scratch; managing and
maintaining mature teams... not so sure. I think he is too set on his
ways and faithful to his mistakes. Certainly no Kreis, or even
from Plattsburgh United
on Sun 3/29 23:34 ET
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What's the oppinion of the red card in phili? Was it warranted ?
from Hounds FC
on Mon 3/30 2:09 ET
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Already reported the scoring error on the second Orlando City goal. It was Kaka with the goal, not Avila.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 3/30 6:07 ET
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I went through all the box scores and found only the error Hounds reported below.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/30 6:46 ET
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Not sure if a red card was warranted but it was still careless for
Fred to swing his arm like that toward the player right in front
of the ref, this has been a trend lately of shooting ourselves in
the foot and needs to stop if we plan to go anywhere this
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/30 6:59 ET
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I've also noticed in these past two games that once we got the
red card the team completely loses its shape and strategy, in
the Dallas game especially the red card completely changed
the course of a game that looked like we might have at least
had a tie. And yesterday the passing and shooting was totally
off after we were down to ten men. Curtin needs to get this
team back on track mentally, he knows there is a problem with
reckless play since I noticed in both games that he didn't
argue much with the ref about either red card and instead just
looked disappointed.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Mon 3/30 7:28 ET
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Anyone know why Kaka's goal wasn't credited on MFLS? That's the difference in Mugs for me.
from Hounds FC
on Mon 3/30 9:01 ET
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I already reported it. I believe it will be corrected today.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Mon 3/30 9:34 ET
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Thanks Tim.
from Hounds FC
on Mon 3/30 9:54 ET
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Still waiting for the update myself as it will put me through in the Mug as well.
from Hounds FC
on Mon 3/30 10:11 ET
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The Kaka goal has been updated now.
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 3/30 10:23 ET
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No excuse, Norm. According to José Mourinho, getting a guy red
carded actually gives you a huge advantage. Maybe that's it; maybe
Curtin heard that interview after the PSG game and gave the
Whining One too much credence...


Seriously now, I agree with you on that, with all the recent
experience, you could hope Curtin would already have a
contingency plan in place, and they wouldn't have lost it that badly
when they ended with ten again yesterday. Still, I kind of
understand the players. They have been playing well, and it seems
that something always happens to ruin things. You cannot blame
them too much for freaking out when it happened again yesterday.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/30 13:16 ET
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I see your point Luis but still think they need to be more in
control on the field. Swinging arms and elbows around
opposing players will draw red cards and they need to be
smarter than that. It's also tough to get Aristeguieta and the
rest of the offense going when we're constantly being down a
man. But hopefully they can start improving this weekend.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 3/30 17:23 ET
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Peter Nowak could whip those guys into shape, just
from Stormin Union
on Mon 3/30 18:28 ET
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I'll pass on Nowak but I think a good manager has to have
control of the team but not be too controlling either, the middle
ground is the best way. So far in the past five years we've had
mostly one extreme or the other which is not helping us
progress in this league. Still a fan of Curtin but he should try to
curb the sloppiness and red cards that have been happening
lately, just my opinion as a die-hard Union fan who wants to
see my team get out of the basement and back in the playoff

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