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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Tue 10/27 20:28 ET]
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 11/9 0:27 ET
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Oh, and one thing on the PKs- conventional wisdom said go with the experienced team and the experienced keeper. Jesse Gonzalez is Rimando 2.0 on PKs. His first 2 in the league this year, he held his ground on Javi Mo and Pipa and essentially forced a miss when he didn't buy their respective fakes. I felt pretty confidant when it went to PKs. That had nothing to do with them rolling out Hollingshead 2nd and Zimmerman for the clincher. What a series.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 11/9 9:53 ET
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1. They interviewed Felipe last week on Extra Time
Podcast and he picked Portland as the team to beat
in the playoffs.
2. None of the 15 highest-paid MLS players is in
the final four. Only two players on the final four
teams make more than a million per year, Higuain
and a Portland defender, I believe.
3. There will be only one more game played on
turf, the first leg of Portland-Dallas. (Portland
can't host MLS Cup).
from Dynamo Salem
on Mon 11/9 14:50 ET
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Two notes regarding Dallas/Seattle.

1. Seattle's game from the beginning was to play to a 0-0 tie. They started time wasting about 20 minutes into the game making the first 80 minutes just about unwatchable for me. It was good to see they had a plan B in scoring that vital goal.

2. Seattle was just too old across the board and their bloated player salaries make their bench about an inch deep. While Dallas can put Blas Perez on late in a game and also add even more speed. At the end of 100 minutes Seattle could no longer run and Dallas showed that they are one of the fittest teams in the league.
from Arrows SC
on Mon 11/9 17:11 ET
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I turned the Dallas game on just as Akindele scored. What a game (at the end).

The NY-DC game was drab.

A Dallas - New York final would be very interesting.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Wed 11/11 21:52 ET
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i am sure the suits in the league office wanted SEA-POR and NYR-MON. a CMB-DAL MLS Cup is as close to a nightmare scenario for them as possible (even though it may produce the best on the field product possible). odds as of today:

NYR 5/4
DAL 9/4
POR 4/1
CMB 4/1

i think any team could win it, but i like the POR odds. they looked completely in control vs VAN (though Manneh going out completely changed the second leg). FYI, there appear to be multiple sites though that have not updated their odds since last month. i am not sure whether they are still taking bets, but one site still has LAG @ +300 and POR at +866 according to oddsportal.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sun 11/22 21:40 ET
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Looks like it could be Portland traveling to
Columbus for MlS Cup at this point.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 11/23 0:27 ET
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DAL looks out of steam and POR is peaking at the right time.
while many do not like Porter for various reasons (he seems
like a prick), i do not think you can deny that he has done a
good job there. he is getting it done in the postseason with
dudes like Asprilla in the starting XI. that Borchers goal @
the end was lucky but very well could be the difference.
CMB also seems to have luck on their side, and Higuain
could be the most underrated player in the league. however,
i could see RNY fighting back next week to make it
interesting. from a pure soccer standpoint, i feel like we will
be in for a treat no matter who advances to the final.
from Seattle SC
on Sun 12/6 20:31 ET
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MLS Cup was today
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 12/7 17:10 ET
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I'm not sure the best team won, but it was
entertaining. Steve Clark clinches howler of the
year in the first minute.

I was still watching with a mind on whom I might
want on my MFLS roster for next year. C'mon Santa,
bring us a miracle!

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