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    [thread started by Dynamo Salem on Tue 9/15 19:57 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Dynamo Salem
on Tue 9/15 19:57 ET
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This will never happen.

But if I were to wave a magic wand and create an all MLS squad for an upcoming friendly, this is who I would choose:

4-1-3-2 formation:

Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey up top with Altidore higher than Dempsey.

Graham Zusi, Michael Bradley, Sacha Kljestian in the midfield

Kyle Beckerman in defensive midfield

Robbie Rogers, Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Brad Evans across the back

Nick Rimando in goal

On the bench two keepers: Robles and Hamid; Defenders Matt Miazaga, Demarcus Beasley, Clarence Goodsen; Midfielders Dax McCarty, Benny Feilhaber, Mix Diskerud, Jermaine Jones, and Lee Nguyen; Forwards Gyasi Zardes and Ethan Findley

I think I have too many central playing midfielders on the bench.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Wed 9/16 0:08 ET
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good list and i like your ideas.

also, i know this will sound random, but for some reason your list makes me think i would love to have a beer with ricky clark.

i bet he has great stories about all the guys you listed.

remember ricky? he was the guy who cleated Genarro Gattuso in the confederations cup. Gattuso, who is known as “The Rhino”, is the one and only man in the history of soccer (to my knowledge) to be ordered to put his uniform back on by a ref after stripping down to his skivvies on the pitch to celebrate a big win.

anyways, i love that ricky is still busting heads and trying to make 40 yard shots in MLS as we speak.

these are the things i think about when i need to go to bed.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Wed 9/16 0:29 ET
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And you have one too many on the field...86 Beckerman. Too slow, too slow, too slow! Also, he has a penchant for giving up dangerous free kicks and getting dispossessed in bad spots. Put Dax in his spot and put Kitchen on the bench. Aside from that, not a bad team. I'd rather have Hedges than Goodson, but I'm a homer.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Wed 9/16 0:45 ET
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i met a guy in a bar in Bradenton, FL years ago who swore he
played with Dax, Beasley, Landon, etc. when he was growing
up. he suffered some injury (from meeting him i suspect it
might have been a mental one) so he never played
collegiately, but he seemed to know too much about them to
be yanking my chain. anyways, he said that Dax was really the
best youth player the U.S. ever produced and should have
made it big overseas. clearly his failure to become the
American Xavi was due to ginger bias.