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    [thread started by Plattsburgh United on Sat 2/21 22:14 ET]
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from Plattsburgh United
on Sat 2/21 22:14 ET
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As a beginning to the season picking the 11 most popular and
expensive players along with the rest of your bench being the
cheapest most obscure players,
What's better for accumulating slush fund, that or a well
balanced complete viable team?
from Mohawks
on Sun 2/22 10:49 ET
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I always side with having a well completed roster
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sun 2/22 11:51 ET
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here is my take. i don't like filling spots with sub 50 salary no-
name non-starters. that strategy works for other managers
though, most notably Chunkers last year, but it is a higher risk
play since you usually cannot unload those guys due to their low
fees. moreover, i prefer the flexibility of a deep roster, and i feel
like you do not need multiple 300+ salary guys to field a strong
team (in fact, in many years the high salary guys have largely
been busts). i prefer to start building my roster by finding as
many low salary starters on decent or good teams as i can. in the
old days, these guys would sometimes have low slush like the
non-starters because they were flying under the radar, making
them also hard to unload if they were injured or benched.
however, now that we have fewer managers, we also have a more
talented pool of managers over all. this means these "gems" are
found by more managers and they have better fees to start the
season. i think Horst started north of 75 last year, for example,
which initially surprised a lot of us. meanwhile, low scoring
USMNT guys who used to always clock in with 100 fees year after
year actually saw their initial fees fall last year, also indicating
the manager pool - although smaller - is actually smarter than
ever before. when all is said and done, i do not build my team
with the sole purpose of building a mountain of slush, but it is
one important consideration (and i usually do build a huge
stockpile that i never end up spending). if it comes down to a
decision between two guys, i will take the one i think will have a
much higher fee even if i feel like he is a small downgrade over
the other. my main consideration though is probably what teams
i want to pick players from based on their roster strength and
upcoming schedule (no matter how much you love a TOR guy,
just look at their schedule and go ahead and drop him now).
thus, i usually pick the 7 or 8 teams i think will do well over the
next 10 weeks and then populate my team with the best deals on
those teams. then there are guys who you must have, of course,
because they are either so freaking good or so freaking cheap.
you could argue that a person would be crazy to leave Keane off
their team this year (though i have ironically done exactly that as
of this post). finally, i tend to build my team from the back and
carry 8 or 9 defenders on my roster. i do this for many reasons,
but mostly because i feel like defenders are cheaper, safer plays
most weeks than mids and forwards. most weeks i will play 4 or
5 defenders, and i want as many home games for them as
possible to get clean halves and hopefully improve my +/-. as a
result, i usually finish with far fewer goals than other managers,
but my team still competes because i hedge against the risk of
shutouts. i sometimes think that i will never have a real chance
to win it all until i invest more in the attack, but it is just the way
i like to play (plus my GM is Alexi, and you know how he loves
high-priced veteran defenders). i have changed my team a few
times over the last week, but i am actually pretty happy with it
right now. i feel like it has great depth, a nice balance between
top teams, and a pretty sweet schedule to start the year. that
being said, i will still probably change everything by 03/06.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sun 2/22 15:55 ET
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I think balance is a better strategy for building
slush. Moneyball is the name of the game. Look for
bargain basement players.
from Carnival FC
on Mon 3/2 22:41 ET
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I am always interested in what you have to say, Randall.

But, I never end up reading the whole thing.

It's too hard to read when there are no line breaks.

My eyes get tired.

I keep on losing my place.

Could you start putting in line breaks in ever so often so it is
easier to read?

Because you really do have some good stuff to say.

If I could just get to the end...

from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 3/2 22:48 ET
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from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 3/3 11:54 ET
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Capital letters rock. Seriously Randall, do you let your 10th graders get away with not using them???
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 3/3 12:02 ET
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of course not. they are not the e.e. cummings of MFLS.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 3/3 18:10 ET
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also, to amend my epic tome above, i think i have finally
figured out how to afford Keane and Dempsey and still create
a roster of all starters (i have 2 Gs, 3 Fs, 5 Ms and 9 Ds and
am playing a standard 3-4-3 opening week). i like my team a
lot. but yes, i will still probably change it 1,000 times @ least
by Friday lock (assuming we even have soccer by then...)
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 3/3 23:12 ET
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I wonder if the best strategy is different with an
even number of teams this year as opposed to an odd
number last year. There might be fewer idle teams
with an even number.
from Carnival FC
on Wed 3/4 22:20 ET
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Both MFLS and mlssoccer.com gave Evans listed at CB over
Zach Scott. Really? Do you think that might be the case?
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Wed 3/4 22:55 ET
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Based on what I have observed in the past, if you are going to take a lowest salary player, take the first player on the list alphabetically that doesn't count as a foreign player (i.e. Maxime Crepeau, G, Mon). That usually gives the best shot at some transfer value higher than the others. Chalk it up to laziness.

That's my opinion on the matter. And yes, I have him on my bench : )

I try and make sure I have at least one viable sub who will play each week on my bench and then a couple of low salary players who won't ever play. I have noticed in the last couple of years that by the end of the season my team is pretty balanced with a good bench as I pick up players who may unexpectedly excel (maybe Hollingshead, Dallas? Deric, Houston?).
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Wed 3/4 23:00 ET
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I realized that Maxime Crepeau, the goalie for Montreal mentioned in my previous message, sounds like he should be playing for the Montreal Canadians not the Impact.
from Weirder Bremen
on Thu 3/5 9:21 ET
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If he played for Toronto his name would be Max
from Plattsburgh United
on Thu 3/5 14:00 ET
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I second that WB

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