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    [thread started by FC Byrd Turgler on Thu 8/6 12:49 ET]
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Thu 8/6 12:49 ET
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I started this up in a new thread. I'll get to SEA-VAN in a second, but it wasn't a pure spare lineup for either team.

RSL took their entire 1st team down to Guatemala. They've still got a chance at the playoffs, but they want to make sure to get something out of this season so they're getting out ahead of things in their group. If they win in El Salvador in the next game, they can probably go all Monarchs for their home dates. They've also got a road date in KC for USOC next week, so I bet it's bare bones against Vancouver this weekend.

LA and DC- you'll see a heavy, heavy dose of reserves for those games (especially for the road dates). There's a 0% chance you see any of the big boys going to Guatemala and T&T for LA and probably only slightly increased odds that DC travels any of their studs.

SEA and VAN- the good news is that you've only got one trip to make down south. The bad news is that you've drawn a rival in your group. Worse, you're budgeting that with MLS play.

Seattle could conceivably fart away their season and miss the playoffs. Think Sigi's screwed if he misses the playoffs, gets bounced from CCL, and doesn't even make a decent run in the USOC? Last night's draw just confused things- he can't really commit to one or the other just yet.

Vancouver's a little bit better off, but they've got the Canadian Championship going now, too. They play 13 games in the next 9 weeks, and they've got a punchers chance at a treble of the Canadian championship, the Supporters' Shield, and MLS Cup. What the hell are they supposed to do, exactly?

from Shaolin Mystigods
on Fri 8/7 1:15 ET
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If so, in DC's case it could be a chance for Miguel Aguilar to
break out. Goff did a nice feature about him recently.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Wed 8/19 22:03 ET
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Miguel Aguilar sweet goal in the 85th earns DC 1-0 win over Arabe Unido tonight in Panama. Michael Farfan with a no-look backheel into the gap, one of the slickest assists in recent memory.

So am I a prophet or what?
from Seattle SC
on Thu 8/20 0:17 ET
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Seattle > Concacaf
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 8/25 20:48 ET
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Miguel Aguilar tallies 2nd CCL goal in a week, 37th min.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 8/25 22:22 ET
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3-0 DC over Montego Bay and cruising to the quarterfinals. MB is coached by Tim Hankinson, who coached Tampa Bay Mutiny (1998-2000) and Colorado Rapids (2001-04)