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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 3/23 11:04 ET]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/23 11:04 ET
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Week 4 Matches
Saturday, Mar 28
NER - SJE 3 pm ET
MON - ORL 4 pm ET
NYC - SKC 7 pm ET
DCU - LAG 7 pm ET
CMB - RNY 7:30 pm ET
VAN - POR 8 pm ET
HOU - COL 8:30 pm ET
DAL - SEA 8:30 pm ET
Sunday, Mar 29
CHI - PHI 5 pm ET
RSL - TOR 7 pm ET

Lots of players gone to their national teams this
week. I have 3 forwards gone to the USA team, for
example. DAL - SEA should be the game of the week.
Comments? Post below.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/23 11:32 ET
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Top 10 increases in fee this week:

Villarreal, Jose
Hollingshead, Ryan
Seitz, Chris
Arrieta, Jairo
Pérez, Blas
Birnbaum, Steve
Kitchen, Perry
Rivero, Octavio
Loyd, Zach

Top 10 decreases in fee this week:

Frei, Stefan
Neagle, Lamar
Beckerman, Kyle
Clark, Steve
Higuain, Federico
Gil, Luis
Pappa, Marco
Sarkodie, Kofi
Mears, Tyrone
Schuler, Chris

The Mears decrease surprised me. His fee is down
to 11 right now.
from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 3/23 12:32 ET
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Tue 3/24 0:06 ET
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In response to the famed Cánicas Captain Hindsight's post:

1. You're not crazy. It's fair not to be sold on FCD. They've squandered a bunch of chances and haven't been fully tested due to a bunch of squandered chances. Michel has been playing out of position for all of his days at FCD because he is the best deadball artist in the league. He's playing with a bit more edge and a bit deeper so far this year, but it's still a work in progress. Ulloa looks good and Michel looks okay. Watch out if Michel figures out the middle of the park; it could be an historic season in Frisco.

Which brings me to why Philly was able to execute with 10- Michel off, Hollingshead on. 2-nil was the result, but it could have easily been 4,5,6 to 0,1,2. Pareja unleashed the hounds at half, and this would have been an absolute brutal scoreline if Dallas hadn't been so wasteful (in both halves).

2. Castillo has improved immensely, but he's still got a ways to go. He's got the toolbox to be world class like few in the league do. He's a couple of steps of intelligence and skill from Robben; I'd love him to end up on the USMNT. He's really close.

3. Aristeguieta looks like a good buy. One of the reasons why FCD is off to a hot start is cohesion. They've virtually avoided turnover since last year, and they've got a leg up on everyone as far as chemistry and weak links go. Aristeguieta's good for 10-15 this year, barring injury. Once Philly glues (and I think they will this year), he'll be reliable.

4. Holding on Union's an ok strategy...even if Maidana's out for a while. Pfeffer has ideas. He might have lost the plot against Diaz, but Diaz (even in his weakened state) is frustrating for most.

Pfeffer was almost as dangerous as his elbow in the first half, and I think the education he received this weekend will make Union dangerous going forward. I think they'll get beat this weekend, but after that, watch for a Philly run in weeks 5-7. It's entirely possible that bargain basement Pfeffer will be a 100 fee player by week 8.
from Stormin Union
on Tue 3/24 7:56 ET
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Good points Ben, agree with a lot of your points and I think
Pfeffer will come out of it stronger from the tough learning
experience. Aristeguieta is still adjusting to the league and
once he hits his stride his fairly high fee will start paying off so
definitely keeping him in my lineup. Watching the game this
weekend I was impressed with Castillo's speed and craftiness,
also Hedges looked very impressive also, he should be a
USMNT starter in my opinion.
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 3/24 16:48 ET
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OUT: F Clint Demspsey (hamstring strain 3/23, 2-3
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 3/24 18:35 ET
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Schadenfreude (solely in fantasy terms)
from Cánicas AC
on Tue 3/24 19:32 ET
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Yep, good way of looking at it, Ben. Maybe, the thing about Castillo
being a step behind Robben... only if you admit that last season I
was also just a step behind Top Shelf to win it all.
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Tue 3/24 19:47 ET
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Just caught up with COL-NYC "highlights". When did
Mastroeni morph into a Depression era businessman?
from Stormin Union
on Tue 3/24 20:15 ET
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That mustache is Victorian London-ish, seems to be making a
comeback nowadays (Brovsky has it too)
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 3/24 20:21 ET
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I thought he looked like the guy from Occupy Wall
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Tue 3/24 21:27 ET
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Lu, Dave's ahead of the game claravoyance-wise. I'm not saying you or Castillo will get there, but you both have the inherent ability.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 3/25 9:37 ET
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Cameron Porter out for the year with ACL surgury.
Caused by turf?
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/25 13:02 ET
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"You have the inherent ability"

Ben, that comment would be more comforting if it weren't the same
thing they say about Mehdi Ballouchy...
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 3/25 13:09 ET
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I want to express my deepest sadness and disappointment at the
new franchise having gone for 'United' (really? you really think that
there will ever be more than one true 'United' in this league for any
self-respecting fan? You delusional saps...), instead of the natural
and logical choice of Minnesota Fats. I verily, verily say unto thou,
this is truly a dark day for MLS.

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