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    [thread started by Middle Shelf on Sun 2/22 13:43 ET]
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from Plattsburgh Divided
on Thu 2/26 14:31 ET
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I thought this curious, checked to see what teams have the most and least players with a salary of 200 or more.

COLO with only 1

SJ , PHI, MON, PORT, RB All with 2

TOR, NE both with 5


I looked at the bottom ( 1,2) and with the exception of RB I think they will be on the bottom in the league.

Not sure what to think at the top with CHI, TOR, and NE.
from The Axioms of Alexi
on Thu 2/26 16:48 ET
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i took arena mostly for the 100 fee. i can draft
another coach in an early minidraft and reap the
slush if i need it. slush is much tougher to build
in this format.
from Warwick Disjointed
on Thu 2/26 17:08 ET
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GK Hamid/Ousted not sure which yet

Okugo Zimmermann Gaddis Collin

Husidic Shipp Powers (thats trouble)

BWP Dwyer Wenger/Manneh


Looks like an early pick for me in first mini draft!
from Naval Aviators
on Thu 2/26 17:34 ET
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I picked some extra GK so I can put one on my bench and bank the Transfer Fee as most starting goalies have 30 or more. Also, they might turn out to be good trade bait.

I also picked a coach early who I expect will have a 100 trf fee and I can swap him and bank the TF into a slush fund.

I found that having a good slush fund really helps in moving players available in mini-drafts.
from Warwick Disjointed
on Thu 2/26 18:20 ET
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When 3 coaches went before my 3rd to last pick it was either a
coach then or wait 16 picks and get whats left, so I went a pick
earlier than expected
from Faux Hawks
on Thu 2/26 18:41 ET
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The third, fourth, and eighth best coaches from last year still
aren't picked and I think I'm the only one left. I'm good even
though I really wanted Berhalter.
from Middle Shelf
on Thu 2/26 19:13 ET
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I have a meeting tonight and then poker game, but I have my phone with me and should be able to pick with that. Good draft everyone.
from Faux Hawks
on Thu 2/26 20:55 ET
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Coach: Olsen


Subject to change.
from Middle Shelf
on Fri 2/27 12:46 ET
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Draft is done. Who is happy with their team? Who wants a do-over?
from Delirium Tremens
on Fri 2/27 14:52 ET
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I'm ok with my team I guess. Would have of course
loved to have gotten some other players, but such
is the nature of the draft.
from Plattsburgh Divided
on Fri 2/27 15:39 ET
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Marin KC gk
Burnbaum D
Opara D
Tierney D
Diskerude M
Bradley M
Juninio M
Zusi M
Zardis F
Wondo F
ArIsteguieta F

I love my team and should win the league easily, unless you
can talk me into a trade. Soon please.
from NJ Pink Cows
on Fri 2/27 15:49 ET
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I'm happy with my team but have no idea what to expect. How close were the standings last year? Were there any dominant or horrible teams, or was everyone pretty close?
from Faux Hawks
on Fri 2/27 15:55 ET
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Check the history page for exact numbers each year, but it's
never that close. Some teams sink while others do really well.
from Warwick Disjointed
on Fri 2/27 16:48 ET
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3 guys from an expansion team, $535 tied up in injured players, I
swung for the fences....
from Mohawks
on Fri 2/27 17:22 ET
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Overall I'm really satisfied. My midfield is average but will be alright hopefully with guys like Maloney and Ishizaki. Usually my defense is my weak spot but this year I think it's my strength.

If Kennedy does start for DAL, I really like my GKs too (and their schedule together).

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