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    [thread started by Middle Shelf on Sun 2/22 13:43 ET]
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from The Laws of Lalas
on Fri 2/27 19:54 ET
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i am not so sure about my team. like every year, it will come down
to about 50% skill in picking players and 50% luck/fate. i just hope
there is no strike and we all did not just waste our precious time.

i also want to thank everyone for the prompt picking. we did the
whole thing pretty quickly and everyone seemed to know their stuff.
should be the best season yet, and i am looking forward to it.
from Naval Aviators
on Tue 3/3 9:35 ET
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Unless the last three managers decide to make a Post-Draft pick (They passed for Round 21), we might be done with the draft.

Let the trade offers begin! Or let the pre-season team analyses begin.
from Plattsburgh Divided
on Wed 3/4 11:11 ET
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2 straight games montreal played the same line up, jack Mack
won't be a starter unless there is an injury. He is not playing
well. Draft league picks pretty sure like it or not last nights line
up will be it.

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