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Forums : Draft League Thread : 2016 Plans
    [thread started by Mohawks on Mon 10/26 16:45 ET]
    [moderated by Faux Hawks]
from Mohawks
on Mon 10/26 16:45 ET
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Thanks for a great season everyone and congrats Delirium on winning it this year! We have a long off-season to get through, but in the meantime, I have a few questions on 2016.

1) Planning to play again? I know NJPC and TAoA both said yes on the other threads.

2) How can we make the league more interactive all season long? Seems like we could drop off attention after awhile with a bad season. MLS is long too.

3) Does anyone follow the tournaments closely or care? Honest opinion please!

4) Do we still like the mini-drafts, or would we rather just do a free agent pool where everyone gets 20 drop/adds for the season to use at their own discretion (first come first served in the forums).

Any other feedback is good for next year.

from NJ Pink Cows
on Mon 10/26 16:53 ET
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I'm obviously new to the league and don't have prior years to compare it to, but here are my thoughts -

2) Have you guys ever considered cash prizes? Even something small like $10/$20 per person with payouts to the season winner & tournament winners? I know in fantasy baseball & football, having a cash prize to play for keeps me engaged. Would be easy to do with Paypal if people are interested.

3) I definitely did. Midway through the season it became apparent that I had no shot of winning the league, but the side tournaments kept me engaged.

4) I was skeptical of the mini-drafts but actually liked them, it kept it a bit fair. But I like the free agency idea too. Maybe a hyrbid system where there are set open windows throughout the year where people can pick up FAs with some kind of limits in place to keep 1 or 2 people from picking up all good free agents.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks again for running.
from Delirium Tremens
on Tue 10/27 9:56 ET
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1. I'm in

3. I checked in on the tournaments sporadically

4. I like the mini drafts. First come first serve
free agent pool seems unfair...whoever happens to
first know of a signing could just grab that
player? Or would it work differently?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sun 11/1 1:17 ET
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1. yes
2. money does help, maybe a small buy-in?
3. i follow them even though i always seem to lose them
4. love the mini-drafts, much better than drop/add

i think the format is great and it is clear we have a group of great managers. if it ain't broke...
from Mohawks
on Thu 11/5 10:14 ET
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MFLS is closing down next year..

This creates issues for us... Switch to the MLS sites game as
our host? Do manual scoring on our own??
from The Laws of Lalas
on Fri 11/6 17:37 ET
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no manual scoring! takes too much time.
from FC Turd Burglar
on Sat 1/30 15:56 ET
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Eh, manual scoring? That might be possible.
from Mohawks
on Mon 2/1 9:54 ET
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Seasons coming up and we need to start thinking about this.
Manual scoring is best but I know I won't be doing it. If we
have people who will then maybe.

Otherwise we'll move to the official game and do it that way.
from FC Turd Burglar
on Mon 2/1 13:43 ET
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Hmmm...that's an interesting idea. I do want us to continue on in some form this year. Even though I've given up on keeping this site going for this year, I'll probably start putzing around with a MySQL web app and start seeing if I can get a free feed as a 'developer' so maybe we could re-launch the thing next year. Manually input on 200 scores might seem like a lot, but really, you're talking about checking a box score...so anywhere from 5-12 box scores per week (depending on byes and DGWs) at 3-5 minutes a box score. At worst, I'm out maybe an hour. The hard part would be updating rosters, salaries, etc from last year to this year, but I've got the spreadsheet copied over from last year at least. What does everybody think?