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    [thread started by The Laws of Lalas on Thu 5/28 13:49 ET]
    [moderated by Faux Hawks]
from The Laws of Lalas
on Thu 5/28 13:49 ET
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was poking around today and noticed we have 3 teams in top
100. moreover, my team appears to be leading MFLS in clean
halfs and DTs has fewest SOs of any Top 100 team. kudos to
everyone as this has been our most competitive year so far.

also want to open up the discussion as to your best value pick
and your worst pick. best decision i made was to wait to take a
F until the 9th RD where i got Rivero (started every week but
one and has 6 of my 16 goals). Frei has been huge for me too.

worst pick of my draft (and maybe anyone's) was B. Davis in
the 3rd. 10 starts have yielded a pathetic 3 points. as usual, i
perhaps should have taken Ms earlier instead of building from
the back so obsessively (5 of my first 7 picks were Ds).
from Mohawks
on Fri 5/29 12:28 ET
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Three of my top five picks have been busts so far (Villa,
Maloney, and Ishizaki). On the other hand, Kamara and
Shuttleworth have been great.

Molina scored me a -8.

My strength has been the backbone of Mears, Beltran,
Hedges, and Waston. Waston and Mears were taken in the
15th and 16th round for me
from FC Turd Burglar
on Sun 5/31 12:09 ET
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AoA, I think LeToux in the 4th is in the debate. He's negative for the season, and Union have been dreadful this year up until the last couple of weeks. Haven't started him since week 9- He's racked up -5 for me this season. I'll play him this coming week (2 Home games) so watch Philly tank out of their decent run of form.

Pleased with my forward line- especially Davies who I picked in the 6th. All have 5+ goals which works for me.

Unlike Randall, I'm big on picking up attackers first. The problem with that is that my D is perpetually thin. I went bulk on GK, and what looked like at worst a decent rotation a month ago hasn't soured. Sean Johnson and Ricketts are now riding the pine. Frankie Yallop is my MLS manager kryptonite. We need to ship that guy back to England. Speaking of which, we've got a mini-draft this week, yeah?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 10/26 14:21 ET
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AoA MVPs: Frei and Kwarasey who combined for 107.
AoA LVP: B. Davis who put up only 32 points.
AoA Best Pick: Acosta (RD 15) who outscored Kitchen (RD 2).
from Delirium Tremens
on Tue 10/27 10:03 ET
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DT MVP: Giovinco! Runner up: Finlay
DT LVP: Hurtado, Velasquez, Phillips, Myers
DT Best Pick: Tie between Lletget and Techera