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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 5/18 8:03 ET]
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from Seattle SC
on Tue 5/26 16:25 ET
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Third, I make mental notes of subs happening just before or after a goal (especially 45/90+) and obviously watch all the matches but always wait to see what Dan posts for corrections first, so Mark doesn't get flooded.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 5/26 21:20 ET
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Thanks, guys. I'm all in.

My two hour commute each way is a help for the updates. Fortunately or unfortunately, that's soon coming to an end. I'm leaving my gig in Manhattan after two and a half years and starting a new assignment only fifteen minutes from my house. The train updates will be no more, but I should have time before or after work to keep them up. I'm so looking forward to an extra hour of sleep. Waking up at 4:30 every day to get into Manhattan gets really old.

That is a good point about the time of the sub and any goals. I compare the box scores looking for goals, assists, cards, saves, and subs. I should look at the minutes as well for the subs. But thanks for double-checking.

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