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    [thread started by Arrows SC on Sun 2/15 18:42 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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on Fri 3/13 15:45 ET
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in please
from Chisquito Usa
on Fri 3/13 19:26 ET
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in please, I am Chisquito Usa other seasons.
from Arrows SC
on Sun 3/15 12:33 ET
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The 2015 Mugs O’ Suds tournament will field fifty-eight teams, the most since 2012. Six teams requested entry but did not qualify, having no MUG points. Five were our Spanish friends at La Armada Invencible, from which I’ve selected one as the scholarship team: Chisquito USA. All will challenge the reigning champion Real New Britski.

The format will be slightly different this year. Qualifying will take place over two weeks. The group round will return to a double round robin format, which was the practice up until 2011, when it was changed to a single round robin. However, only the group winners, eight teams in all, with advance to the knockout round. In years past the top two teams from each of the eight groups advance.

Here is the final team list:


Forty-two teams must go through a two week qualifying round. The top twenty-two of those teams, ranked by MUG points, will skip the first qualifying round and wait for the winners of the twenty teams that will play in the first round in MFLS week three. Here are the qualification round pairings for week three:


The top sixteen teams advance to the group stage. They have been randomly assigned into the eight groups:


Good luck to all!
from Seattle SC
on Sun 3/15 14:55 ET
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Always have issues in the qualifying rounds, including losing on tiebreakers. At least I have a bye in round 1 this time.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Sun 3/15 16:08 ET
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1st round qualifier round, the price I pay for the past few "lean" years. : )

At least I am playing a team I have never faced before (unless under another name).

Who are The Brown Hornets?
from Arrows SC
on Mon 3/16 7:54 ET
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The Brown Hornet was formerly known by these names: Flowing Riverstopper (2014), Grits and Gravy (2013), ManaMana (2012), Chleb i Maslo (2011), and the list goes on. Thanks, James, for keeping it lively.
from Arrows SC
on Tue 3/24 8:05 ET
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The first qualification round of the Mugs O Suds tournament is complete. Ten teams advance to the second and final qualification round. All the games were close, ending in a 2-1 victory or a 1-1 tie. (I hate tournament ties.)

2010 Mugs champion SDFC Macross beat Olicity 2-1 on the goal by Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Former TO Castle Hill Comets slipped past Cánicas AC 2-1 in an all-BCFA affair, also benefiting from the BWP goal.

1 FC Red Devils knocked off the Shaolin Mystigods 2-1. Ryan Hollingshead’s goal was the difference.

Two of La Armada’s finest battled to a 1-1 tie. Jose Villarreal’s assist gave Barsovia the victory over Chisquito USA in the first tiebreaker.

The 2011 champion FC Bayern Tampa needed two tie breakers to get past the Brown Hornets after a 1-1 deadlock.

The Aviators, back-to-back winners in 2005 and 2006, live to fight another day. Finishing in a 1-1 tie, the Aviators posted an overwhelming plus/minus difference to take the second tiebreaker over the Port City Navigators.

Lloyd Sam’s goal allowed Dynamo Salem to send fellow AAPL teammate Hanscom United packing 2-1.

EHS Wildcats slipped past Duty Free FC 2-1, on goals by Robbie Keane and Wright-Phillips.

In another all-AAPL affair, it was Hanscom City over Stanton Park FC 2-1.

Team Ramrod, the lone representative of the West End Rivercats division, got past Plattsburgh United in the first tiebreaker, with an assist from BWP.


The winners were grouped with the twenty-two teams waiting for them in the second round. All teams were randomly paired. The winners will advance to the group stage. The group placements have also been randomly assigned and posted.


Good luck to all. And, as always, please check my work.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 3/24 8:40 ET
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Leaving Hollingshead on my bench just adds salt to the wound. Good luck FC Red Devils.
from Port City Navigators
on Tue 3/24 8:58 ET
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I also left Hollingshead on the bench. The second time this
season that I've lost a tiebreaker!
from Castle Hill Comets
on Fri 3/27 18:24 ET
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To avoid antagonizing my fellow Brew City opponents, my
celebrations were muted ...
from rancho chevron fc
on Mon 3/30 15:48 ET
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What is the current order for tiebreakers??
from Aviators
on Mon 3/30 15:55 ET
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"The structure of the play-in round and number of rounds will depend on how many teams accepted invitations, but each round is a single match. Most goals advances. If the teams draw the winner will be determined, in order, by:

1. Total team assists
2. Net total team plus/minus: The net total team plus/minus will be the total plus score less the total minus score. For example if the total team plus score is ten and the total team minus score is seven, the total net plus/minus will be three.
3. Coach’s score
4. Fewest goals allowed by the goalkeeper: If a goalkeeper selected does not play the goalkeeper’s score will not count and the team fielding a goalkeeper who did play will advance. If neither team’s goalkeeper plays we move to the next tiebreaker.
5. Total team clean halves
6. Random statistical event"
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 3/30 16:23 ET
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Digital Takiwira Jr. is playing at Dallas Cup this week.
from Seattle SC
on Mon 3/30 19:22 ET
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Pretty sure I lost on the tiebreaker. At least I can go out knowing I didn't need PK goals to get a tie.
from Castle Hill Comets
on Mon 3/30 21:59 ET
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Byrd: Awesome! I loved his dad's goal celebration ... :-)

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