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    [thread started by Castle Hill Comets on Thu 3/19 22:25 ET]
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from Stormin Union
on Tue 6/2 18:30 ET
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I got a kick out of a headline from Soccer America magazine,
"What's next for Blatter, jail?" Might become true in the near
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Tue 6/2 18:50 ET
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That would be welcome but I doubt it. Not that I
know but I suspect it was the flock of sponsors
either pulling out or threatening to pull out that
forced the move.

Prince Ali bin Hussein has an interesting resume.
His brother is King Abdullah of Jordan, he was a
special forces officer and he is the 43rd generation
direct descendant of Muhammad, the Prophet of the
from Dynamo Salem
on Wed 6/3 11:06 ET
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16 hours hard labor is luxury in Russia.

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