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    [thread started by Stormin Union on Wed 5/27 18:20 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from FC Byrd Turgler
on Thu 10/1 4:04 ET
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Love this. Ask a Cubs fans- they're approaching a high they rarely do in life, and I'm sure that makes it sweeter. If FC Dallas screw around and wins the Supporters' Shield this year, then it will be outstanding. FC Dallas hasn't won a trophy in 18 years, and if they top the table with the lowest payroll...well, it's Moneyball all over again. I've been an A's fan longer in my life than an FCD fan, but it'll be just as sweet. Randall, to your point, I went to OU and having grown up around Okie State, the angst and misery there in a season that didn't end in a National Championship/Conference Championship was unbelievable. So self-entitled, it made me want to vomit...it just can't happen every year, or it's just not that special. Okie State at one point had Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas on the same team, and they barely squeaked into the Top 10 those years. Fast forward 23 years later, and they're playing for a chance to be in the national championship. A plane crashes killing several people in the athletic department, they play in Ames on a Friday, and they lose on a deflected pick and a field goal in regular time I still swear was good. Hey, they still finished 2nd that year, and for a school in the hinterlands that rarely gets a shot at the brass ring, that ain't bad. Anyway, kudos to the suffering. Long live your pain, and may your ache be replaced one day by sweet, sweet victory.
from Weirder Bremen
on Thu 10/1 8:45 ET
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It'll be interesting to see if Curtin loses his
from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 12:15 ET
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Thanks for the posts guys and the harder the battle the
sweeter the victory. We'll bury this unlucky season and next
season will be lucky 7 for us.
from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 12:23 ET
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Also hope Curtin keeps the job, he made good decisions last
night and the team worked hard but the chips didn't fall for us.
And now we have a fourth rival: SKC.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 10/1 12:36 ET
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IMHO it would be unduly harsh if Curtin is fired
based on last night. I don't think McCarthy or
anyone could have stopped Nemeth's strike that tied
things up. I've read criticism about the Wenger for
Sapong sub but it made sense to me, given KC knows
all about Sapong's PK tendencies (although Wenger
promptly missed his attempt). If anything maybe
Curtin should have got himself ejected based on the
no-calls. Anyway, who would Philly hire?

Yes Norm, your attitude is amazing.
Lalas, when your Dad was cheering the Iron Curtain,
I was cursing them in my Oakland Raiders gear. And
man do I hear ya regarding fair weather fans.
Ben, having grown up as a Cubs fan, I affirm your

I hope the Timbers ravage the Sporks on Sat.
from Weirder Bremen
on Thu 10/1 14:02 ET
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My earliest memory of the Steelers is Bobby Layne,
a great QB finishing up his career with the
Steelers. He was the last field player I know of
to play without a face mask, which really looked
weird. Also, they had a GM at Pittsburgh that
liked to trade draft choices for veterans. The
Packers were just the opposite and the contrast
was often made between the Packers and the
Steelers. Before Noll the Steelers were doormats.

By the way the last player to play without a
helmet was Dick Plasman of the Bears in 1940.
from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 18:42 ET
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I agree David about Curtin, hopefully he will stay but the
clueless Philly GM Sakewicz may unfortunately have other
ideas. Speaking of the Steelers Fred, good timing to watch
them tonight and forget about yesterday's game, wearing my
Pittsburgh jersey and a pint of Guinness doesn't hurt either.
from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 18:53 ET
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And also going to wear my Terance "pot roast" Knighton
jersey at the Temple-ND game this month, one of the all-time
best Temple football players and NFL starter. Gotta love the
Bridgestone commercial with him, "first time on a treadmill?"
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Thu 10/1 19:54 ET
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CBS Philly's @KevinKCBS3 reporting that Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz to be ousted tomorrow: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2015/10/01/sources-nick-sakiewicz-out-union/
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from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 21:07 ET
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Yes! Now there is hope for the Union's future! Usually don't
feel happy about someone losing their job but like Nowak this
guy is an arrogant jerk and deserves to go.
from Stormin Union
on Thu 10/1 21:58 ET
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Just read an article titled: Nick Sackiewicz opens mouth, foot
flies in. That about sums him up. Every interview I've seen with
him he always spoke in a condescending way, philly fans have
been waiting a long time for this to happen. At least this week
has had some good news after the rough day yesterday.
from Dynamo Salem
on Fri 10/2 11:15 ET
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So Sackiewicz has himself been sacked.

The Union had a great run and a tragic end in the final. No one know what a new GM will do, unless his name is Ali Curtis, then you have the read the book.
from Stormin Union
on Fri 10/2 13:18 ET
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Heard a rumor that Octavio Zambrano could be our new
sporting director, looks like it could happen.

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