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    [thread started by 1860 Oakland on Thu 11/5 1:09 ET]
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from Stormin Union
on Sat 11/7 13:42 ET
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Thanks Mark, was a good 6 years playing in this league and
UvW was a fun division to be a part of. Best wishes for the
future and thanks for running a cool league.
from Hampton Strikers
on Sat 11/7 14:17 ET
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I am stunned too! Thank you so much Mark!

I am really sad though. This has been the most enjoyable fantasy experience. I am sad to see it end. Nothing else seems as personable or quite as entertaining.

Hopefully we can stay in touch and keep things going in other places.
from Carnival FC
on Sun 11/8 11:35 ET
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Thank you Mark for your time and dedication. I also play
fantasy football and surfing now, but MFLS was my
introduction to the fantasy world.

Going to miss beating up on my rival Seattle SC. Also,
everybody else is lucky it's over because I was going to win it
all next year.

Mark, what are your plans with the site? Have you thought
about selling the site or allowing anyone to take over?
from Seattle SC
on Sun 11/8 19:54 ET
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Looks like the Emerald City Classico will end with a 5-3 all-time lead for me. ;-)
from Newport FC
on Mon 11/9 22:18 ET
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Thanks a ton, Mark. I'm sure it took a large
commitment to run the site year after year. And
with the league expanding, there is more and more
to track! I've enjoyed the friendly banter and
keen insights offered up by the many MLS fans of
this league. All the best to you and the rest of
the stalwart supporters...cheers,
from Castle Hill Comets
on Tue 11/10 11:00 ET
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Hey Mark,

Wow, you name checked me! :-)

Seriously though ... I understand, as I have also gotten burnt out
the last few years, and probably never put in the amount of time
you did. Thank you for everything, and best of luck with
wherever your life takes you! :-)
from Grass Pitch Please
on Tue 11/10 13:41 ET
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Thanks Mark. I will always remember doing a search
one day and finding your site for MLS Fantasy. It
has been enjoyable. Much Kudo's for a great game.
from Aviators
on Wed 11/11 18:13 ET
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I've enjoyed the MFLS experience for almost 20 years. Aviators, and my drafted team, Naval Aviators, thank you for all your efforts through these years.

As you can tell from the many posts in this thread, thanking you, you have generated a loyal following. Through your efforts many of us have developed long-standing virtual and actual relationships with our fellow MFLS managers.

Take a well deserved bow!

Hal Jones,
Manager of the Aviators
from Dynamo Silver Spring
on Fri 11/13 11:24 ET
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Thanks Mark (and the entire MFLS community)! I think I participated in 17 of the 20 seasons, and loved every minute of it. This site will be missed, but I'm sure the spirit of MFLS will live on within the existing competitions (or perhaps a new one).
from Hotspur
on Sat 11/14 9:43 ET
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Thanks, Mark. MFLS has always been a great game with top
notch competition and focused players that will be greatly
missed. All the best in your post MFLS-life!
from Surreywood Rangers
on Sat 11/14 19:10 ET
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Let me add my appreciation, Mark. This has been a
well loved game for many years for many people,
myself included. Much thanks!
from Dynamo Salem
on Mon 11/16 23:05 ET
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I sent out a few emails. Just so MFLS would not go
out with just a whimper.

So there was a little notice on DuNord, which was
nice: http://dunord.blogspot.com/

Bruce emailed me back a link to an old article from
1996. A nice mention of Mark from the way back


Thanks again.
from Eldersgunt
on Sun 11/22 9:30 ET
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Thank you so much for all that you've done to
promote MLS by running MFLS all of these years,
Mark. I've been with you since the first year and
have enjoyed every season. With my work, it would
have been very hard to follow MLS some seasons
without MFLS pulling me back in and keeping me
engaged. It's been a ton of fun and I'll miss
getting beat up in my adopted division
(Felsenliga) next year. It's funny, I still have
no clue who those guys are, but I've played
against them for 20 years, lol.

Joe Oswald
from snedecor
on Tue 11/24 6:45 ET
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Very, very sad news. A well-known tango says that
'20 years is nothing', but it isn't true at all. I
started playing MFLS in 2007, I think, and last
couple of years I became one of those inactive
players we all used to hate, but if I'm now a big
fan of MLS that's somehow thanks to this game, which
was my first contact with American soccer. So thanks
Mark for running this game, and thanks to avery
player and forum user who have been procrastinating
around here.

Best wishes from Spain
from cYber warriors
on Sat 12/26 18:34 ET
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Mark, I was just checking out mfls.com to see if
there was an announcement about 2016 season
signups. Was gutted to learn that last season was
the last. I started playing in 1998 and have so
many fond memories. Yes there are alternative
major league fantasy sites but mfls.com was
different, because it was a community. Mark,
thank you so much I will never forget you.

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