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    [thread started by Weirder Bremen on Mon 10/5 8:25 ET]
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from Weirder Bremen
on Mon 10/5 8:25 ET
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Week 32 Matches
Wednesday, Oct 7
RNY - MON 7:30 pm ET
VAN - DAL 10 pm ET
Saturday, Oct 10
COL - MON 6 pm ET

Light slate of matches this week due to
international fixtures. Montreal plays twice. USA
vs. Mexico is Sat 10/10 at 9 PM Eastern. USA vs.
Costa Rica is Tues 10/13 at 6:30 Eastern. Any good
strategies for this week? Share your thoughts
from Cánicas AC
on Mon 10/5 10:42 ET
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And there it goes my last transfer, in the hopes of balancing things
a bit in case of a Montreal debacle. Had just two players from MON,
one from Dallas, and one from RBNY; but in weeks like this it is easy
to end with negative points with just two players from the same
team, if they have a bad week.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 10/5 12:41 ET
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That took way too long Luis, I burned my last transfer months
ago and I'm on the verge of winning this thing. Anyway, need
some levity after a off-year for my team but with Sackewitz
gone there is optimism for the future in philly. Sapong has
done well and Aristeguieta still has promise but we need to
spend the cash for a dominant striker if we are going to have a
chance to win the MLS cup. In terms of open cup, third time
will be the charm for us next year.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Mon 10/5 18:41 ET
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You are correct Luis, per usual. Thus I am going
with three players from the same team as much as I
can, damn the consequences.
from Stormin Union
on Mon 10/5 19:21 ET
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Decided to start a petition to get Alessando Del Piero on the
Union, he is the missing piece to the philly puzzle and a offer
of free cheesesteaks for life is too tempting an offer to resist.
And a couple million bucks a year will sweeten the deal.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 10:06 ET
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Dos Santos out for 3 Weeks according to the LA
Bigsoccer boards:

"Gio out for 3 weeks according the Mexico"
from Cánicas AC
on Wed 10/7 11:42 ET
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Well, Norm, that is why you and me are going to end #1 and #2
overall: we are not afraid of change and transfers. I do not know
you, but I am really enjoying watching how snug and confident
Todd and the rest of the people currently at the top are, not
realizing that they are going to lose everything in the next three
weeks (uh, that is our other virtue: faith).

I do not know about Del Piero. I think you should get Michu instead.
Way cheaper, younger and at a crossroads in his career. What you
guys need is a killer who can also help the midfield, and he fits the
ticket perfectly (although, if you want my opinion, he will end going
back to Oviedo; specially as Mata and Cazorla have also stated that
they want to go back to the club soon, and maybe play alongside
him and Adrián López)

from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 13:53 ET
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Would Orio Rosell fit that description? I heard he
might come back to MLS.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 13:57 ET
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Two news items from Rotowire:

+ Watchlist
Ambroise Oyongo D Montreal Impact
Oyongo will be available for Wednesday's match
against the Red Bulls before joining the
Cameroon national team for international
matches, MLSSoccer.com reports.
Fantasy Analysis
The Impact are getting hit hard by the
international break, as eight players will be
away for this weekend's match against Colorado.
Fantasy owners will get Oyongo for one, before
he takes off and returns Oct. 17 against New

+ Watchlist
Ignacio Piatti M Montreal Impact
Piatti returned to training Monday but remains
questionable for Wednesday's game against the
Red Bulls, MLSSoccer.com reports.
Fantasy Analysis
Piatti has missed time recently due to a family
matter, but his return to the club is a big
boost as they continue to fight for a playoff
spot. With a number of players out due to
international duty, the offensive load on
Piatti's shoulders will be even bigger.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 16:28 ET
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Used my last two transfers today. I have 4 keepers
now so that position is definitely covered.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 20:08 ET
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Oyongo sees red early, Red Bull up 1-0, Kljestan PK,
Felipe stomps on Drogba's right foot. I doubt
Montreal gets a result tonight.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 20:14 ET
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Drogba casts spell on Kljestan causing him to miss a
second PK.
from Stormin Union
on Wed 10/7 20:21 ET
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Good deal Fred that you joined Luis and I in the no transfer
club, now the top three have been decided. If we believe it
then somehow it is true.
from Arrows SC
on Wed 10/7 20:28 ET
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If you like watching the best team in the league beat up on playoff wannabees, this is a fun one.
from Weirder Bremen
on Wed 10/7 21:12 ET
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2-1. Drogba PK. It's a game again.

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